Monday, December 29, 2014

Turbografx-16: Legendary Axe Edition

A look at a one of a kind console mod for the Turbografx-16.  This Turbo needed some love, and rather than just restoring the little box of OBEY back to it's original form this creative mind gave it an overhaul in the tune of one the Turbo's greatest titles; "The Legendary Axe"!

  Check out the video below for a deeper look!


This was a brilliant Christmas Holiday gift that I received under our tree!  I was in complete shock to be honest when I saw it.  My wife, a very talented artist/designer, picked it up a while back and during her free time did all this for me.  It's probably the most amazing video game related gift I could ever imagine getting!   
 Thank you so much Tasha, I love you!


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