Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Unreleased TENGEN PC Engine games!

A former Tengen employee, Jun Amanai,  put up a bunch of unreleased PC Engine ports, when they were evaluating the system. He has put up Magical Puzzle Popils, Marble Madness, Peter Pack-Rat, and Off the Wall.

These videos are shared of actual projects from the developer's of the Turbografx version of KLAX.  This is seriously some exciting videos and we hope to get these actual projects/ports dumped so we can have a chance to play it someday on actual hardware!!  Check these out!

Off The Wall

More videos!

Marble Madness!

Peter Pack Rat!

Popils Demo!


Mike Clark said...

Man the 4 player breakout game looks fun as hell

Joshua Jaeger said...

I know right!? Totally crazy! I hope these get dumped soon!!