Friday, December 19, 2014

SantatlanteaN hits the TurboGrafx & PC Engine just in time for Holidays!! 

Happy Holidays!!

Aetherbyte is proud to present Santatlantean, a festive high-score action shoot 'em up (based on Atlantean) which can be downloaded from the Aetherbyte website. 

Play as Santa and save Christmas!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

HuZero on the Turbografx/PC Engine

Chris Covell continues to amaze with his recent demo of HuZero on the Turbografx.  Chris has defied the odds with both of his completely free to play games!  The Turbografx surely cannot handle scaling effects!  Surely it cannot do zooming and mode 7 effects!!  Right??!!  Feast your eyes on both of these breakthrough games and see for yourself how much untapped potential the PC Engine had!

You can try out many of Chris Covell's creations at this link-

Friday, November 14, 2014

Turbo Duo Reproductions are coming!!


PCE Memories TDE Banner 1 Tobias at PCEWorks is at it once again bringing out a very nice looking box set of some of the later Turbo Duo generation titles that were brought over to the US from 1993-1994.  Godzilla, Dungeon Explorer II, Bonk 3 CD and Dynastic hero are all harder to find Super CD releases that routinely fetch upwards of hundreds of US dollars at online auctions.  These four titles have become something of grails so-to-speak that has most Turbobbers like myself wishing we had never gotten rid of those original classics we picked up from TZD (1-800-DUO-THIS) all those years ago.

Friday, July 11, 2014

PC Engine + Jaguar CD + PC CD-ROM -> All in ONE Hybrid CD !!

Orion uploaded a video to Vimeo the other day of a sneak peek look at a recent project they've been working on.  Apparently this disc will boot in both a PC Engine CD system AND an Atari Jaguar CD!  What will the project mean for us?   .. We're still not sure, but here's a little teaser video.


Credit Orion's twitter feed:

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Forumites of the Cold Winter (2013-2014)

I know it's been ages since we've posted one of these and there are no good excuses for hanging all of you fans that have been begging for a new Forumites Awards post (All 3 of you)!! However, I'd like to list off a multitude of excuses to hopefully be exempt from further ridicule on the matter. One- I was busy OBEYING! Two- I just got my new farmville account share set up and have no free time! Three- Kids. Four- The Holidays. Five- Midwest Gaming Classic. Six-Breast Pump! Seven- The bitter cold... It kept me indoors ALL winter and I sat in front of my computer NOT writing this up for whatever reason.. Eight-.... I forgot.. But regardless, there was a TON of chatter over the cold months over at and we're going to try to share some of the highlights (along with a few of the lowlights). So without any further delay, let us begin this early spring look at this past Winter's FORUMITE AWARDS!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Homebrew explosion by TOUKO-retrotaku

Check out some of these teaser videos for upcoming releases for our beloved Turbografx-16/PC Engine!!

Download your copy of Reflectron today!


The newest game by Aetherbyte is OUT NOW!!  Click image above for download link!

You are a Biological Entity Remover Node And Repair Droid (or B.E.R.N.A.R.D. for short), working for the evil robot overlord on his deadly mobile space station. Charged with maintaining the primary laser cannon, B.E.R.N.A.R.D has, however, developed something of a conscience. Instead, he has chosen to defy his master and do his best to stop the cannon's DELTA CRYSTAL from charging up by destroying the MEGA PROTONS with his cranial gun. Will he be able to stop the cannon from decimating another innocent world? 

Reflectron is a simple, addictive arcade style high-score action game which is free to download and play on a PC Engine emulator of your choice (such as Magic Engine, Mednafen or Ootake) or flash card. 

Credit Aetherbyte @