Tuesday, October 31, 2017

NANTETTATTE ENGINE starring ROM² For TurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine

Our friends at Aetherbyte have a special surprise just in time to wrap up OBEY month!  Nantettatte Engine is here and FREE for all to enjoy!  Our beloved PC Engine was released on October 30th 1987, and here we are 30 YEARS later with a new title to enjoy while bathing in memories of sweet shoot-em-up glory!  Check it out at the link below!

Taken from Aetherbyte.com-

Year: 6280AD
In the years following the Great Flush, the HuCOUNCIL decided to preserve all known PC Engine games and hardware in a secret vault within Mt. Fuji.
They encased the dormant volcano in an air-tight dome and suspended it above the barren, lava filled wastelands that Earth had become.
The evil Nintendoids and Segatrons were not so lucky. All of their items were lost. In a jealous rage, they have joined forces, intent on destroying the PC Engine vault!

Year: 198X 
Meanwhile, RomRom, relaxing near the beach, receives a distress signal on her HuPHONE...
from the HuCOUNCIL in the future!
She hops in her trusty AE86 and races to the meeting point, greeted by a PC Engine Shuttle fighter-ship!
The HuDRIVE engages and sends her speeding to the future, so she can save the PC Engine, and the future itself!


Monday, August 28, 2017

UPER GRAFX details!!

Source: https://www.beep-shop.com/blog/8154/

Since it is unmodified and can output video of 720p from PCE, it has become a hot topic among retrogame fans as well as PCE fans from the beginning of the announcement " U-U-ku Furuuchusu ". BEEP will also start reserving a new version that enhanced its internal functions!

In the first place, " UPA Fururukushu " means 720p video output at the DVI - D terminal, as well as image quality, low delay of 1F at maximum, and even by saving save data by linking with a personal computer It is an item called. Moreover, since it is output from the DVI - D terminal, conversion to HDMI can be done easily.

This is realized by loading the game image data of CD - ROM 2 using a memory card instead of connecting it with Rom - Lom, so a substantial reduction in load time has been realized. Although its compatibility is not complete yet, it is planned to continue to increase with continued updates. These updates can be done by USB connection with PC.

· The capacity of the internal SRAM is changed from 2 Mbit to 4 Mbit. (→ Because this change is done after considering priority of keeping compatibility, this will not stop the software from working, and the use of the added RAM capacity is undecided.)

It is designed to maintain compatibility, and about performance is about the same thing.

Some people may already feel that the hurdle is high because of loading the game image data of the CD-ROM 2 in the memory card, but from loading the game image data to loading with this machine How to do is explained in an easy-to-understand manner in the official website.

For pre-orders or reservations:


Monday, July 24, 2017

Off the Wall prototype for PCE gets release!!

It may or may not be news to you that back in the 16-bit heyday, game developer "TENGEN" were signed on to develop games for our beloved PC Engine/Turbografx 16. They were working on many of the same games they released on Feka's 16-bit monster, the Mega Drive/Genesis.  Games like Klax, Marble Madness (unreleased for TG-16) and slightly lesser known- "Off the Wall".  A slightly less completed version of Off the Wall has been dumped to the net and is available for those willing to wield a Turbo Ever Drive or are using Emulation like "Magic Engine"!!

This has been teased a few times over the years. first by Nekofan a long time ago, then more recently by Jun Amanai who programmed that port and apparently own some versions of it. Comparing the version I obtained with Jun's, it seems that Jun's version is more recent and complete. This PC Engine build here seems to be a work-in-progress debug version, where you can skip levels at the press of a button, and not all features have been implemented. Still a cool thing! The files are below.
To see more from the actual article please check out -SMS Power Forums

Stay tuned for more info as we hear more!  ~

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Download 2 Remastered vs. Original Comparison

Video comparisons of the Electrohaze REMASTERED Download 2 for PC Engine! 

Check out Electrohaze at these fine links to get your own copy of this remaster and more!!



Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Gate of Thunder Remastered by: Electrohaze


Electrohaze said he would do it, so now he has done it! Taking all the music from Gate of Thunder and remastering it.  After working with EQ's for several hours making sure he wasn't clipping the music, fixing some fades, and even EQ'd tracks left and right channels one by one for a better stereo mix - We have a complete remastering of the original GoT soundtrack!

This task was an act of love to the Turbo community, and with enough support, hopefully we'll see more projects like this in the future!

Does Dark City Productions seem familiar to you?  If so, you are probably an old veteran of the 90s Turbografx scene!  DCP, The Turbo Pages, PCenginefx.com and Turbo2k.net were some of the first community pages available online back in the day that covered Turbo! It's great to see some life breath back into DCP today and can't wait to see new projects in the future!!

Check out Dark City Productions on FB for GoTR and other cool projects!