Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Pokemon Go? How about PC Engine Stay!!

Being a big Turbo fan all my adult life, I often run into other big "gamers" and try to make idle chit chat about games.  They say they love RPGs and throw out names like Skyrim or Fallout and the first thing I think is, "Damn, I was going to say Legend of Xanadu or Cosmic Fantasy 2!".

When all you have on your mind is OBEY, it's hard to relate to the rest of the gamer community. :)

Bless you BitHead1000!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Streets of Rage 2 - PCE Music!?

Unquestionably one of the greatest 16-bit soundtracks of all time has been remastered using the PC Engine/Turbografx soundchip and the result is stunning!!

Check it out below and check out more chiptunes from the very talented SpeedySPCFan!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Unreleased TENGEN PC Engine games!

A former Tengen employee, Jun Amanai,  put up a bunch of unreleased PC Engine ports, when they were evaluating the system. He has put up Magical Puzzle Popils, Marble Madness, Peter Pack-Rat, and Off the Wall.

These videos are shared of actual projects from the developer's of the Turbografx version of KLAX.  This is seriously some exciting videos and we hope to get these actual projects/ports dumped so we can have a chance to play it someday on actual hardware!!  Check these out!

Off The Wall

More videos!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Lucretia : Demon Princess - Pre Orders and info!!


Eponasoft is officially opening preorders for our first physical PC Engine release. All preorders come with the full line of additional products offered both by us and by Frozen Utopia. The retail price is a low $29.95. The game is scheduled to ship in late September.

Check out the link here - for ordering information!  

Monday, July 11, 2016

Ken Matsu's TG-16 midi keyboard.

This is all sorts of amazing!  Listening to the Turbo Chiptunes pumping through our little engine that could!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Henshin Engine - Sarumaru's love letter to PC Engine fans!


Henshin Engine is an original web comic by Sarumaru, inspired by the PC Engine
and the days of 8-bit and 16-bit gaming. 

The story is about about a gaming-gal named Yuki Shirokawa who just started an apprenticeship for the Jipang Electronics Corporation (JEC). Her favorite gaming console is the FX-Engine, a product of JEC. She later discovers something crazy about her beloved FX-Engine that would change her life. 

New content is posted every weekday on Instagram, and also collected on Sunteam Paul's PC Engine UK site!  We've been following the webcoming since it started last year and have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the artwork and the dialogue!  Can't wait until this has a few volumes available and we can someday get a physical Manga style PC Engine novel!  :)  Check it out!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Ys Book I & II *Fan Created* Special Editions Coming Soon!?

Many many moons ago one of the go-to places for Turbo talk was Dark City Productions that was ran by Electrohaze.  The site had a great community (forums), and a ton of content that included music downloads and screen shots.  Electrohaze was always coming up with cool projects and ideas; one of those being the excellent idea of a Special Edition Ys Book I&II!!  News of this has actually resurfaced recently with the project being considered for a possible professional pressing by the Turbob XPress group!

Taken from the post on Social Networks from Electrohaze:
"I been kicking it around in turbo land since, well forever.
Anyway, I made a special bootleg of Ys back in 2001. Called "Ys Special Edition." I changed the music in the game to remixes and created a nice package design for the disc and jewel case. I offered this on my website for a limited time at the cost of the disc.

Is there any interest in having copies of this made?
If you didn't already know about this project you can learn about it from my old webpage here:
I hope to make a new improved version with higher quality and/or new and different remixes later this year....
I still have the ISO, and all of the original Photoshop files for my package design.. any info can be updated if needed.
I don't have a physical copy of it with me right now (it's in storage, or lost...) so these print design images will have to do."

Check out the original post here!

Hopefully we'll hear more news about this soon!  Stay tuned!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Introducing- The Turbo UNO!! (Keith Courage shows off his latest creation!)

Long time forumite wizard, Keith Courage, has presented the community with many excellent modifications and hardware tips over the years, however he may have outdone himself this time with his latest creation!  Presenting the Turbo UNO! 

CIMG8716"If you think I just put a PC engine inside here then guess again.

I hacked a DUO motherboard in half!

Why would I do that you say? I have no idea. I always wondered what it would look like since the DUO casing always looked to me as if two halves of a system were thrown together.

The original DUO had so many problems it was not worth fixing them. Someone prior to me receiving this broken DUO had tried to repair a bunch of stuff and mucked it all up. Not to mention the original case had melted warped/burn marks all over it. I was able to cut the bad parts of the casing out. I was hoping to leave the text that says pad on the controller port hole but things didn't line up well case wise to where I could keep it. I wanted the cut in the casing to not be noticeable from up above and that part turned out great."


Does it support saveram?

"Unfortunately no save RAM. The only way that would have been possible is if i had made the case much larger then it is. it would have ended up looking like a three-quarter inch size duo system. The shaping would have looked horrible because part of the CD Drive side would still have to exist(case wise)  I was trying to go for something that would have looked as streamline /stock looking as possible."

"Also, before I hacked the board in half, I was only able to access the system memory bank 50% of the time. So there was something really messed up trace wise in that section of the board as well. So no big loss. "
CIMG8732"I didn't have to do much at all to have everything work other than solder in some wires for the controller port. Everything else just works as is. The difficult part was all the cutting done for the casing and board to get everything lined up just right. I used a mix of Hot glue in some areas and two part epoxy in others to hold the case together. After using a file to create a notch in the motherboard I was also able to get 4 screw holes to line up nicely.

And yes, I cut right through a bunch of unneeded chips that were most likely bad anyways. I felt like being destructive. " 

 Check out the original forum post here at!!  Join in the conversation!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sunteam: PIXELLENCE- The Celebration of Classic Pixel Art

Sunteam Paul, of PC Engine Gamer E-Magazine fame, is at it again with his brilliant imagery of classic sprite based video games!  Orders are NOW OPEN to pick up a physical copy of the new works: PIXELLENCE!!

Taken from
"PIXELLENCE: TURBOGRAFX-16 TURBOCHIP is the first volume of the PIXELLENCE collection. Printed A5 in full colour with 104 pages, spiral bound with frosted plastic covers for protection, this volume covers 46 games from the TurboGrafx-16 TurboChip library covering the years 1989 to 1993. 

Included games are: Keith Courage in Alpha Zones, Blazing Lazers, Victory Run, Alien Crush, The Legendary Axe, Vigilante, Dragon Spirit, Fantasy Zone, Dungeon Explorer, R-Type, China Warrior, Side Arms, Aero Blasters, Ordyne, Bonk’s Adventure, Bloody Wolf, Bravoman, Cratermaze, Devil’s Crush, Dragon’s Curse, JJ & Jeff, Super Star Soldier, The Legendary Axe II, Ninja Spirit, Pac-Land, Psychosis, Raiden, Bonk’s Revenge, Impossamole, Legend of Hero Tonma, Parasol Stars, Sinistron, Turrican, Air Zonk, Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu, Dead Moon, Ghost Manor, New Adventure Island, Night Creatures, Samurai Ghost, Soldier Blade, Time Cruise, Shockman, Bomber Man ‘93, Bonk’s Big Adventure and Magical Chase.
PIXELLENCE will be a limited run. The books will be printed in several batches, so please be aware that there may be a delay between payment and dispatch while more orders are being taken. You will receive an email when your copy has been posted. 

I hope to post the first set of orders before the end of November. "

If you wish to order, be sure to check out their product page here! 

Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs is coming to PC Engine!!

An all new 16-Bit run'n'gun shoot-em-up based on and licensed from the original 1986 animated space western series!I'm sure many of you have seen the link to the Kickstarter project in regards to the Saber Rider games coming out.  And you probably also knew that because the campaign was funded that it's scheduled to come out for multiple game consoles including the Nintendo handhelds and downloads on STEAM!  But, did you also know that an exclusive version is being created for our very own TURBOGRAFX/PC ENGINE SUPER CD!!!??  DID YOU!?!?

Ok, maybe that's old news too, but it's pretty huge and we're a bit surprised more people aren't talking about it daily!  The game is slated to be released in 2016 and should be similar to the gameplay described in the kickstarter webpage.  It's design is of a 16-bit style run n' gun shooter.  Which in the PCE world is a welcome genre that we could absolutely have more of in our TURBOB diet!  Aetherbyte, developers of Atlantean, Pyramid Plunder and Insanity have been given the reigns to develop the Super CD release and we couldn't be more excited!!

If you haven't backed the project yet, you still have time to order copie(s) for yourself.  You can also find more information on their kickstarter page along with keeping an eye on Aetherbyte Studios for development progress and news and notes!

Weekly #GameHump goes TURBO!!

Join the wanker cast of gamehuggers as they chat for hours about our beloved Turbob console!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hyper Wars (1994 - PC Engine Super CD) is good?

Today we look at a lesser known PC Engine simulation game called "Hyper Wars".  It came out in the mid 90s and has a soundtrack that was composed by the legendary Yasutaka Hatade (T's Music) of Lords of Thunder and Sapphire fame!  This title usually goes for ~$10 or less on auction sites online and could be considered worth the purchase JUST for the soundtrack!

However, is the game any good outside of the music?  The answer is a resounding - Perhaps? Hyper Wars brings a very good amount of strategy and customization to the table with many open ended creatures you can create and do battle in tournaments against other teams across the futuristic globe and even against other players!  I would assume that anyone with the ability to read Japanese would have a very enjoyable time with the game.

What if you can't speak or read Japanese?  Well, it's actually still really playable and a fun game to tinker with even without really understanding everything.  Here's a slightly more in-depth look at the game! 

Friday, April 3, 2015

What's a Turble Graphics?

   That's the usual response I get when I ask local flea market dealers if they happen to have anything I'm looking for. I have though, on occasion, hit the jackpot of NEC goodness, laying in the midst of smelly tackle boxes and crusty VHS tapes at the local swap meet. Although my collection (and collecting) has dwindled to a tiny portion of what it once was, I still find myself scouring every pawn shop, flea market, consignment shop, and back-alley junk pile for that precious diamond in the rough... or anything related to it. It's something you can never fully recover from. The compulsive desire to dig through boxes or a stranger's dirty rummage and refuse, in hopes that someone besides yourself had at one time owned and loved the Turbografx 16 as much as you do, but later decided to discard and count it among items deemed "useless" and fit for sale. It never really leaves you...  Although the hunt seems at times to be completely pointless, there are however, small victories that can really make it worth your while.

   I remember once I was at a flea market and had searched every single "video game booth" fruitlessly and in vain, just trying to find a single item related to turbo. I happened upon a booth which sold stereo equipment as it's main draw, and was eyeing a nice set of speakers which I thought would go great with my late 60's super deluxe record player. (Vinyl hoarding is another curse I have been afflicted with besides retro game collecting) Well, as I was talking to the dealer, my eyes kept drifting over to a box sticking out from under one of the tables on which his stereophonic wares were displayed. I could see one of the older QuickShot brand joysticks that I used to own for my Commodore 64 computer jutting out from the box, just slightly within view. Nerdal Instinct kicked in, and I immediately asked the seller if I could examine the contents of said box. Upon his blessing, I grabbed the box and started sifting through an insane entanglement of Sega controllers and Atari 2600 paddles, but what was at the bottom nearly brought a tear to my eyes.

   There, amongst the garble of mismatched controller parts and ac adapters, was a stack of about 15 HuCard games, loose, and held together by a thin, yellowing rubber band. Most were games I had never owned before. I could barely contain my excitement. I glanced back down at the cardboard box, which at this point was slowly crumbling under both the duress of my frantic search, and the rigors of the years gone by. I couldn't believe it. I slowly moved some more cords and cables from the box and there, in all it's dusty glory, was a TurboGrafx 16, with 2 controllers! It didn't matter that
it was missing the expansion bus cover. It didn't matter that it had no AC adapter. All that mattered at that second in time, was What can I say to this guy to make him sell this to me for next to nothing..? 
I'm not going to lie, my hands shook as I gulped hard and squeezed the words out of my throat...

"How much for this old video game thing?"

   Video game thing. Ha. I thought I was smooth. The seller then began to tell me a story about how that had belonged to his son, and how he had played it very often, until he left for college. He paused, looked down at the ground, and my fear began to mount. I thought for a moment he might find some sentimental reason to not sell it to me. I couldn't let that happen. At this point, I was in a frenzy. My mind raced to all sorts of things I could say to get him to change his mind if he decided to go that route, but alas, luck was on my side that day. The seller decided to let me have the stack of HuCards for $5 and the system and controllers for $15. For a split second, as I mentally did the most ridiculous looking victory dance in the history of mankind, I thought I might try to talk him down.

"Don't push it." The seller said with a grin on his wrinkled face.

I went home that day with my dusty, new-to-me Turble Graphics, and hooked it up to the AC adapter and RF unit I already had from a previous system. Worked without a hitch.

That was a great day.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

9 found dead as result of Bonk attack in China!

9 found dead as result of Bonk attack in China!

At approximately 3:13 AM in Beijing, China reports grew rampant of a crazed video game character, most known for work in the early 90's video games 'Bonk's Adventure' and 'Bonk's Revenge' for the Turbografx 16 console, attacking civilians on the streets of the great city.  While actual truth and news worthy information may not be found anywhere within this blog updat, we at The HuPack were saddened to hear news of human casualties and other near lethal injuries come from Southern China early this morning.

Word got out that Bonk had been seen in a local bar drinking heavily, what he was doing in the great city of Beijing to begin with is still to be determined, but passerby's say that most of the night Bonk had been in an aggravated state mostly complaining of personal problems going on in his life, the loudest shrieks came when he was allegedly blaming Hudson Soft for his recent drop in relevance in the video game world. Lin Wen, a local patron of the bar, said "Before the attack, Bonk got into a war of words with a couple guys that were looking for trouble. They shouted out to Bonk before running that he was a big headed loser that hasn't been in a single video game in over 15 years and he should be dead now." Lin looked down. "Now they are dead. They are dead and deserve to be dead. Bonk is a good video game character, he is simply misunderstood and has a big head."

Actual statistics of the attack are sketchy at this juncture, but from what we have gathered thus far, Bonk attacked 16 people, some with his head and many by biting them. He killed 9 and injured 7 more. 3 of those injured are in critical condition and the others were able to escape with minor injuries.


Please, someone... anyone!  Give us a new Bonk game!!