Sunday, November 30, 2008

PC Engine Review 11/30/08: Sidearms Special

Today I'll be reviewing Sidearms Special. On this disc are two modes, the original (basically the Hucard of the original sidearms), and a new Before Christ mode (Have no idea why they call it that, but hey that's the creator's choice...)

Before Christ mode has alot of differences from the original, alot of tweaks have been made to make the game more balanced and tolerable than the original. And to those who have played the original on Hucard or the arcade, the difficulty was just unfair and brutal!

The differences include: The Yashichi (windmill) icon commonly seen in dozens of Capcom titles creates option pods, thus replacing the Alpha Type mech. Weapon change is replaced by an R-Type style laser charge gauge. Power Up icons don't have to be shot to death, they change automatically. There is also a new weapons arsenal. And boss battles are brutally challenging as on some you can only damage them with charged lasers!

In this video, I'm playing the game all the way up to stage 8 and get my ass handed to me by the boss.

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