Monday, August 29, 2011

Complainers of the Hoop!

What is everyone's gripe about "Takin' it to the Hoop" for the Turbo?  Years back I was searching for some decent sports titles for our Turbo, and outside from some great Wrestling and Soccer games, I was unable to find much. There were only two basketball games released in the lifetime of the Turbo;  TV Sports Basketball and Takin' it.  While I have played the hell out of TV Sport's entry into the hardwood, I never once played Takin' it... that was until the other night.
I've seen countless reviews and comments about Takin' it, and heard about how horrible it is.  Well, I'm writing this today, not so much to tell all of those reviewers that they are wrong, but to tell them to back off!  It isn't that bad.  As a matter of fact, I would say that certain elements of it are more playable than TV Sport's B-ball release.  I think the game is VERY pick up and play, I was able to win the first game I played.  Multiplayer is pretty frickin' hilarious as well!  The game does tend to get far cheap the further you get into the playoffs with the AI still being completely derp, but they still are able to steal the ball away from you when they get close to you.  It still is a BUNCH easier to score and get a momentum going your way, at least when compared to TV Sports.

I would say this is an average sports release for the Turbob, and an above average release if played multiplayer.  I had a good time playing around with it, and as long as you don't go into this thinking it would be as in depth as NBA 2K12 and think of it more like a fun little bop around the basketball court game, you'll have a good time.

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Windancer said...

Not Bad Josh! Good stuff there. I like that game it plays Nice and smooth. Also if you are lookin for a decent sports title the power league baseballs are really good and also the Pto Yakyuu 91,92 and 94 are really good baseball games