Thursday, March 14, 2013

Forumites of the week! (3/14/13)

It should come as no shock that many of us OBEYers and Turbo Lovers spend a good chunk of our free time on the forums talking to new friends or old acquaintances about any subject that can come to mind.  Sometimes it's to find a seller that's unloading some great deals, sometimes it's a conversation about hard to beat parts of our favorite games, sometimes it's debates about game x being better than game y, sometimes it's even multi page flame wars!  The PCFX forums have been a part of our lives for many years, we've seen members come and go while many long time members hang with it and have made it a place to come and just chill from time to time.

Outside of just chatting about Turbo in the forums we've done a little more research with the forums and found many exceptional threads, conversations, and people that should be singled out and commended on keeping the forums an interesting place for us lurkers to treat the forums like a fresh newspaper being cracked open in the early morning sun with a nice hot cup o' joe in tow! 

In order for us at The HuPack to dig through the mass of threads over the course of one week and pick out only a few examples of what could be considered extra-special or worth mentioning was no simple task!  So please, feel free to comment or belittle the threads and members being mentioned in this article.  It's very possible our crack team of investigators were simply on crack.....

Without any further adieu, let's get the first ever Forumites of the Week awards handed out!!

Most interesting thread/post of the Week:
Whats the best way to clean a huey?
Why did we pick a thread regarding how to clean HuCards?  Well, partially because many of our valuable members have chimed in with home remedies and/or advice on how to keep your TurboChips all clean and pretty.  But, mostly because of Sparky's comment:
"I use my ball sack... I drag a hue back and forth on it and it springs to life"

Most generous member of the Week:
Psychobear's Raffle of an almost full set of Sparky Labels!
Why did we pick PB's thread of some Labels?  Because it's ULTRA generous!  Most people these days would flip the stickers they won't be using on eBay for a chunk of change!  One lucky member will get a nice pack of labels/stickers that can make any OBEYer's collection a little more complete!

High Score of the Week:
"Implode" High Scores thread
27,851 points on level 11- Mishran
Why we picked Mish's HS on Implode?  Cause it was the only one recorded this week :P

Psycho Thread/Post of the Week:
Esteban is obsessive compulsive thread
Why we picked Esteban's thread regarding the fact that he allegedly reads each and every post on the forums?  We have no idea really....
"This is a self-indulgent post, but I don't give a damn (duh!) Smile

Anyway, whenever I am M.I.A. from this forum, I always read the posts I've missed (starting with the oldest stuff first) so I can get a handle on events.

Naturally, I get pissed off and sad when silly things ruin this for me (i.e. I fall asleep at the computer and close the browser, or I accidentally close a tab of 20 posts...)  So, It's 12:40 am and I suspect I'll spend the next few hours chugging through everything. 

YAY!                     Smile"

Tell us what you think we missed.  Tell us if you think this idea is crap.  Tell us if you think we should try to do one of these weekly or even bi-weekly/monthly.  It was fun, and we'd like to do it again just so as long as it's entertaining.



roflmao said...

I dig it! Doesn't have to be weekly, but it's a fun summary of what's interesting at the forums. Good read!

Soop said...

Last week, on PCEngineFX...