Friday, April 5, 2013

Forumites of the Month (March 2013)

Have a strong majority of our readers on PCFX said they would like to see another 'Forumites' type post on HuPack.  And not one single poster has been to Uncle Bad-Touches Puzzle Basement... A shame really.  He has some of the best brain busters.  :)


WTF thread of the month:  galam's 30 second sampling of Magical Chase

Killer Quote:
"Oh brother. The channel flipping ROM hater that dismisses an entire game that takes weeks of play to master and required 1000s of hours of development to create after playing it for 30 seconds (with no sound even, in this case).

Village Idiot of the month:  Bernie and his hair dryer

What happens when you leave the oven on while you and your loved ones go out to the movies?  Burnt muffins.... burnt muffins....

 Killer Quote:
"Bernie 120%


Comic Genius of the month:  Esteban and his TurboDoodle

Killer Quote:
"This video made me smile from start to finish. Excellent!"

Shame of the month:  i2rbo's Bonk 3CD sale thread

I have one of the rarest Turbo CD games for sale!!!  I CANNOT TAKE PAYPAL, I won't meet you in person AND I will NOT send my *UBER RARE HAXOR GAME* to you before you just 'trust' me and send me the monies!!!  $$$$$$$$$$

Killer Quote: "Are you serious or do you just want to see photos? If the deal doesn't happen with my potential buyer (I'll know by tomorrow afternoon) then I'll up some photos to this thread. But tell me, do you accept sending a wire transfer via MoneyGram or Western Union? I don't do Paypal."

Heated Discussion of the month: Do the Girly CD's count?

I like boobs.

Killer Quote: "...what? WTF is this weird definition of "standard" you're referencing?"


Bernard Lindell Jr said...

I mean damn... I made it.. lmao

Aetherbyte said...

awww yeah. My comment made it.