Monday, May 6, 2013

Forumites of the Month (April 2013) Awards :)~

It's that time of the month again!  That time when the forum members take a look at the pool of new topics and posts over the span of the month we dig up the funniest, zaniest, dumbest, oddest, or even most serious contributions and spit them out into a rubber beaker post just like this one!  For those that are placed into this Hall of Importance, we call them- THE FORUMITES OF THE MONTH!

Lets take a look at what we've found this time:

Texas Instruments mention thread of the month: Reminiscence... Playing games in school on your TI calculator...;topicseen

Killer Quote:
"Here I was, a nerdy kid just starting high school.  I had my fancy TI-85 calculator.  We didn't have internet at home so what we did was use a 56k modem to dial up network to my dad's office.  This netted me an actual connection speed about about 10k or so.  It was dreadfully slow but it was enough to access sites such as to download games for my calculator.  After spending some $80 or so on a TI Graph Link cable, my calculator gaming career began.

ANYWAYS,  any of you goons play any of this stuff while you were in school?"

Observation of the Month: SignOfZeta's Observations on Populous

"I haven't really spent serious time with this game since it was a new release for the Amiga. I kind of assumed that a PCE version would be slower than something made for an Amiga, but it's not at all. The interface...could be better, I admit, but once you get used to it it's not a problem. I also assumed that there would be a lot of Japanee but there is NONE. None whatsoever, every single thing is in English making me wonder why the hell this didn't come out in the US. The manual (which is nice) is all Japanese, but it's not exactly difficult to find help with Populous since it was a huge hit on half a dozen platforms. "

Killer Quote:"Played the hell out of this game on SNES back when it came out.  I never tried the PCE version because I assumed there would be a language barrier.  Now that I know there isn't, this has been added to my want list."                     -TheClash603

Helpful hand of the month: NightWolve's MOD GUIDE - Cheap NEC Component (YPbPr) Video Mod [3/20/2013]  (Yeah, I get it.  It's from March, but the conversation carry's over for much of April too!!)
" ** Parts List **
Resistors: A $10 general resistor pack should have all values needed.
Capacitors (4): Two 22 μF, one 470 μF, and one 220 μF (circuit operates at 5V, so a cap voltage rating of twice or more is safe: 10V+).
Transistors (5): Five of Model "SS8050," that's IF you want the BEST according to steve, but you can use the RadioShack favorite, the 2n3904 (RS sells a 5-pack retail).

Killer Quote: "Well poopy crappy poop. Looks like I am one type of resister short. Gonna have to wait a few more days to get them in the mail now. "                 -Keith Courage

Sad face of the month: Bernie's FS: Turbo Stuffs

The HuPack knows full well about when times are tough and priorities have to be put in focus.  Sometimes a gamers library gets put on the backburner to help get things in order.  We very much hope that things get straightened out quickly and everyone is healthy, wealthy and well!!  We also hope that most of his collection stays in-tact!  ;)

Killer Quote: "Bernie we are here when you want to get the games back that you have to sell... Hugs Smile   Just watch them prices as you are still part of f-eBay Razz"      -Sparky

IMG 2923Shame of the month:  Kurre's 'Hello' thread-

"Hello, Im new here. So i came across some pcenginegames and wanted to know more about them. There is a swedish nescommunity that seemed similiar to this, hope i have come to the right place.

Well, here are the games i found

Basically i want to know what people pay for them, since im probably lookin to sell them. If not here maybe in Sweden. "

Because what makes more sense than a guy signing up on the forums and his first post is saying how he found three extremely rare titles at a flea market.  Oh yea, just about anything really.  And of course, it's not just a 'Hey look what I found" thread.  It's a "How much are these games worth?" thread.  Well, golly gee look at this!  It looks like our good friend kurre went under a different username to boot!

Interesting 'Killer Quote' found in that lovely mess as well!
"Thanks for the replys. These are not games I am looking to buy, but games I already own. Most bought several years ago and from what I remember, pretty expe sive back then, some bought receantly. "                -SMF

I don't think it needs to be reminded to you about how the PCFX community is as a whole, but in case you aren't in the loop- We are a smaller community.  We laugh at VGA grading video games, we laugh at price gougers on eBay and even harder mock the hacks that pay those ridiculous prices.  We enjoy our hobby immensely and have a great time sharing stories with each other on how we have achieved such great libraries and accomplishments in our video games.  We're gamers, we've found a great thing here with the PC Engine/Turbob, we share our success/strategy's and we have grown to become friends with many people that share a common appreciation for our beloved box of OBEY.  We aren't price gouging liars that jump from forum to forum trying to maximize a profit on something that fell in our laps.  We don't appreciate some dude that just pops up acting like he doesn't know what OMGrarez he has in his hands and insists after post after post that he's just a lucky dude that found 'em and just wants to find a good home for them... (Given the buyer is willing to drop 1k on the LOT!)  And remember he found them for only 1,5 dollars!!!

Take a hint deadbeat, stay the hell out of our forums!

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