Monday, June 10, 2013

Ode de la Forumites ut Month! (May 2013)

Back again!  Hope we're not too late.  Getting to these Forumites of the Month on a schedule seems to be getting harder and harder.  Time constraints and an over abundance of great conversations in May/early June made this a difficult task to pin-point single topics for this post, but we'll give it a college try.  :)

The Forums at have been a place of heartache, good deals, scary deals, questionable motives and even some PC-FX love!!  Without any further delay, lets get to this months best of the best!!

Let's Play of the month:

Seeing great members of the forums coming together to play through a great game like Sorcerian creates EXCELLENT comradery and terrific reads for those following along and for those that stumble upon this years from now.  Now I WANT TO PLAY SORCERIAN!!  ( I only have the Dreamcast version  :(  )

Where will you go?

Weapon and Armor shop
Magic shop
Medicine shop
Elder's house 
King's audience room
Dojo (martial arts training)


Questionable Motives of the month:

Sega Saturn aka Canada aka Meatball Sundae has been around PCFX for a bit and has made a name for himself as being a seller that has no problem slinging hate on many members that call him out on some less than desirable comments.  He now is in a bind and needs some help making ends meet.  Will you go out of your way to help out your fellow man?
"for the record, i can't recommend this guy.
bought a copy of Ys I & II a while back, and he shipped it to me wrapped in brown paper and labeled.
as in, no packing material whatsoever.
any saturn games ordered from this guy will probably be destroyed in shipment"


Showering the PC-FX with gamer love of the month:

Conversations about the tower PC like console from far East come up few and far between.  We need to celebrate these times by mentioning it here and hope that they will continue and blossom into more and more!  One can only hope a 'Lets play together' thread pops up in the PCFX only section!!

   Soop of teh Month Award-
Facebook Status Advice of the Month:
"My friend appeared out of the blue the other day (haven't seen him for a few months), and among the news was that he's starting.. I guess it's a business.  He's a carpenter, and he's gotten around to having a website made, business cards, even a fucking hoodie.

The thing is, as good as he is at carpentry, he's a total luddite, and he's got no sense of style.  His website is a fucking trainwreck.  It's got no metatags, it doesn't even have a title, and the main logo is some free clipart.  Whoever designed it (and I seriously doubt it was him) hasn't got clue 1.  And the domain name is 10 sylables and about 30 characters long.

So I sat down yesterday and started making him a brand new site from scratch, just using good old HTML and CSS.  It's got a decent logo, a concurrent theme, and a some neat effects.

But now I've made it, I'm having second thoughts.  I mean this is his deal, right?  Who am I to come barging in changing all his shit thinking I know better?  Like I said he's already got stuff printed, so he's invested money in this already.  Maybe it's a bit of a slap in the face.

You don't know him, but help me decide.  Do I offer him a website and some decent branding, or do I let him carry on the best he can?"

Best Response Quote of the Month:
"WTF? I can't follw a damn thing here.  A normal person just says "yo dat shit is whack" (or whatever you guys say across the pond something with bloke and bollocks) "if you want I can help you out make something a little better"  you don't just go behind thier back and make something. 

but seriously, Why not ask him if he'd like the help first?
"              -turboswimbz

Raffle of the Month Award

Gameofyou Flash Card Raffle!  Major props to esadajr for raffling this off and CONGRATZ to Duo_R on winning!  Couldn't have been a better guy!

High Score of the month:

shubibiman: 172,210
Turboswimbz: 82,780
FiftyQuid 67,260

That's it for this month!  Here's looking forward to a zany June!!  Thanks for reading.  :) 

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