Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Time Forumite Salad!! (June 2013 Forumite Award Ceremony)

 Summer kicks off and the Forums come alive!!  June came and went with many exciting and entertaining happenings to talk about!  The Forumite Awards come again and this time we get to hand out awards to some unexpected winners!!  Without any further delay, let us begin the June 2013 FORUMITE AWARD CEREMONY!

Most generous member of the Month Award:

tpivette raffles off a copy of Ys III US disc only!!  I mean seriously, if you don't actually own this and wind up winning....  It's like the nicest thing a forumite could EVER do!!

Who the hell cares of the month:

Macrosoft and Fony showed off their next gen consoles to be released this Holiday!  One is basically the same console as before with slightly better graphics and NO backwards compatibility with PS2 or PSone.  And the other is a PR nightmare with a camera that watches/records you at every moment of every day.

I don't trust either company and will gladly continue playing my PC Engine/Turbos for another gaming generation!

Long live TURBOB!!

"OH NO!" of the Month:

Close forum friend gets robbed!!

Crippling Quote:
"Funnily enough noticing the games missing didn't happen right away until I started going through my Super Famicom games. Macross and Parodius weren't in their assigned spots which started me thinking. I know my brother has been dealing with a terrible drug addiction but I never thought he would stoop this low during one of his visits. He doesn't know that I know yet. Tomorrow the shit hits the fan. "

Soop of the Month:

He makes himself a cake.

"Say what?!?" of the Month:
100 Nintegas!!

"You don't know anyone here, by all accounts you just walked in and already everyone thinks knows you're a creep with a rep as bad as Nintegas, and I'd take hundred of him over one of you any day of the week simply since he could be funnier to laugh at."    -Prof

Necropost of the Month

Necromancer destroys Godzilla with a score of 832300!!

Necro needs to try 'Hard Level' to become a true man.

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