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Forumites of the Fall (Back to School edition!) August/September 2013

Forumites of the last 60 days Awards!  Looking over all of the conversations and posts in the forums over the span of August and September, we've found a great batch of talkies that are sure to entertain those that are hungry for Turbo finds stories, gaming accomplishments and of course... boobs.  Without any further adou, please join me in welcoming in the newest edition of FORUMITE AWARDS!!

Wanderers of Wise!
I'm in the same boat.  I had great memories of playing Wanderers from Wise back on SNES in my early gaming days... That was until I finally got my Turbo Duo in 1994 and popped in Ys Book I & II for the first time!  O_O   EEEESSS!!!

"I never mispronounced Ys since the first time I hears about it was in a magazine long ago who in the first sentence told you how to pronounce it. Ryu, on the other hand... I know how it's supposed to sound. When speaking, I even pronounce it as correctly as my gaijin accent will allow, but I still read it in my head as Rye-Yoo."   -JKM

Nando's - Elements of a great PCE Beat 'em Up!- 
AKA - member exodus is upset by booby talk.
Somewhere in the midst of a bit of sexist humor and our newest defender of womankind's ranting is a great conversation talking about how the Turbo/PCE scene could have used some more beat 'em ups and how they could have been accomplished.

"People who bitch about women in video games need a more relevant hobby. If you don't like how it works, make something different. The rest of us aren't going to bend to your hypersensitive bitchfest. If I wanna make a game with ten chicks with massive naked tits, I'm going to, and there's not a fuck in the world anyone can do about it. Don't like it? Don't play it or buy it. My art won't be stifled by your puritanical bullshit. I like boobs and butts in my video games, and I don't care about your opinion."   -The Old Nodveidt

Brut Press share/view
 "They also say they're developing a board to allow PC-FX games to be played on the computers, too, which they did follow through on (PC-FXGA).

Finally, they vaguely suggest that they're developing add-ons to turn the PC-FX into a multipurpose home electronics hub, including a fax receiver and various components to turn it a "computer terminal".

"There are so many possibilities for the PC-FX, we can't possibly introduce them all!"
"  -SamIAm

Do we really know what the Supergrafx was capable of?- 
"The only perceivable difference from a player's perspective, is that it has one extra tile and one extra sprite layer. So It can do backgrounds like the Genesis for the most part. Having twice as many sprites means that you'd never see any flicker/break up. There's more ram to make it easier to make full use of the extra hardware, but the PCE already did great with a small amount of ram."  -Black Tiger

Best Purchase Award!  Syphic's Vistar pickup!  The Korean licensed TG16 system complete with a couple games included!  Holy awesomeness.  We never did find out exactly what was paid for this, but just knowing one of our members picked it up is pretty cool!  Here's to hoping Syphic takes more pics or uploads some videos of it for all to see!!

PC Engine FX Radio Returns!

For those of us that experienced the awesome OBEY/Turbob tunes of PCEngineFX TV back in the day and even those that are new to the great streaming pile of awesome are in luck as PCFX radio has RETURNED!!

I personally really miss's streaming music player, so seeing this return really made my week/month/year!!

Favorite Bad Guys thread!

"(B) Le Laire Monstre: Many of the bosses are memorable, but the final boss (Jumbo Dragon) is particularly exhilarating because you can't believe (1) you made it to the end, (2) you have no time to appreciate how kool/kute boss is because he doesn't die quickly, even if you have skills, (3) you are choking and about to get GAME OVER after all the hard work and you're CHOKING and FALLING APART because you have no real plan, no strategy, you're just CHOKING..."   -esteban

Wise fwom yo grave!-

scrodamoon opened up the flood gates on this classic PC-FX only inspired thread in our oft forgotten PC-FX gaming section!  Praise be to turboswimbz for bringing back this topic to the front page and not even having the decency to apologize for it!

'this is funny considering the OP's name is "Scrotum Moon" '  -Arkhan 

Think I missed some gems from the past two months?  Let me know in the comments section below!  Thanks for reading!!

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