Monday, January 6, 2014

HuPack to debut a new Podcast later this month!

The HuCast show will bring you Turbo/ PCE music and gameplay talks coming later this month!  Having finally dabbled with others on a few podcasts we're ready to move to the next stage; our very own PC Engine/Turbografx podcast!  We're hoping to do game chats, commentary, reviews and opinions straight out of the gate.  Along with a heavy dose of game music from our favorite Turbografx games, we're hoping that this will become a new bi-weekly or perhaps monthly podcasting ritual that many of you will be able to download to your iPods, phones, Android devices for car rides, long walks or whatever you do while enjoying your leisure time. 

We're not 100% sure on the exact date of the first episode, but be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for our update on when it's available for listening!


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