Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Forumites of the Cold Winter (2013-2014)

I know it's been ages since we've posted one of these and there are no good excuses for hanging all of you fans that have been begging for a new Forumites Awards post (All 3 of you)!! However, I'd like to list off a multitude of excuses to hopefully be exempt from further ridicule on the matter. One- I was busy OBEYING! Two- I just got my new farmville account share set up and have no free time! Three- Kids. Four- The Holidays. Five- Midwest Gaming Classic. Six-Breast Pump! Seven- The bitter cold... It kept me indoors ALL winter and I sat in front of my computer NOT writing this up for whatever reason.. Eight-.... I forgot.. But regardless, there was a TON of chatter over the cold months over at and we're going to try to share some of the highlights (along with a few of the lowlights). So without any further delay, let us begin this early spring look at this past Winter's FORUMITE AWARDS!!

Generous Giver of the Winter-
jelloslug's Raffle for a SEALED Sonic Spike!!

But seriously, how could anyone offering up a sealed/virgin/uncorked copy of  ANY Turbografx game not win himself some award of excellence?  This made me personally smile because I've always been a fan of playing Sonic Spike 4 players!  It's a great party game. That along with seeing the secret ending with Sonic The Hedgehog when you win 55 consecutive matches in a row make it totally worth it!  Congrats to the winner!!

Honorable mentions-
Hailings' Super Star Soldier: 
seieienbu's Devil's Crush:
RoyVegas' Dragon Slayer:

Starting a community OBEY list!-
The Community Shared Ys III!

Fully realizing that this initiative includes myself I still had to list it here.  I've always tried to disqualify any threads or news involving or been started by myself, however I couldn't just ignore this amazing event that has just kicked off.  A community owned library of games?  Being passed around the world (Yes, currently it's on a boat to Austria) for anyone that wants a couple games to play/try out/ mess around with?  HELL YES!!  Warpig227 kicked this community owned Ys III off by truly giving it back to all of us.  Anyone that wants a chance to play this game (and hopefully others being added soon!) just has to respond to the tread and sign up.  It's that simple.  Put your name in the queue and eventually it'll come to you.  Instant Turbo/PCE traveling library!  Thanks again Warpig!!

Soop of the Month-
Happy Christmas, can I haz some music?

A bunch of new members that DON'T SUCK!!-
New members at PCFX sometimes have a high level of turnover after they come in and realize that not everyone here is willing to take price gouging and douchebaggary from noobs.  Of all the new members that jumped into the forums, we wanted to note these guys as new members that truly get what this community is about.  Making introductions, talking about gaming and sharing stories, trading, buying/selling is what everyone wants really.  The below listed members went above and beyond to do their best not to start a thread titled "ISO Dungeon Explorer II or Magicoal Chast"  Good job!

Witty comeback of the Winter-

Keep them in a storage bin!! (Jackass Award 2014 nominee!)-
This fucking guy.. Not really a forum issue, was on a Facebook page.  But it spilled out here a bit too... Stay away Gabriel... Stay away!!


Sexiest seller of the Winter?-
Nectarsis for his Turbo/PCE sales threads!
Seriously, if you always pull through for others in buying/selling/trading and work hard being a man of your word, you're going to go far in this community!  Neccy has always been easy to deal with both in person and over the interwebs.  highly recommended!
Quote- "All good here, international buyers should be happy to deal with nec :).. game well wrapped and aside from a shitty USPS delivery service it was all good ;) happy to buy from again."   -mrhaboobi

Miraculum goes nuts?-
"Back to Miraculum, one thing I found strange about the game, and always wondered if it happens for everyone, there was a "misty forest" area not too far into the game and just walking around in a certain area made my EXP points go up.  I walk around in circles and gained 10+ levels!  I don't remember how far I got into the game, but I enjoyed what I played."   -SegaSonic91

Art Contest of the Winter! -
Nullity for hosting a crazy assed art contest!!  

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