Friday, November 14, 2014

Turbo Duo Reproductions are coming!!


PCE Memories TDE Banner 1 Tobias at PCEWorks is at it once again bringing out a very nice looking box set of some of the later Turbo Duo generation titles that were brought over to the US from 1993-1994.  Godzilla, Dungeon Explorer II, Bonk 3 CD and Dynastic hero are all harder to find Super CD releases that routinely fetch upwards of hundreds of US dollars at online auctions.  These four titles have become something of grails so-to-speak that has most Turbobbers like myself wishing we had never gotten rid of those original classics we picked up from TZD (1-800-DUO-THIS) all those years ago.

PCEWorks' reproductions gives us a second chance at adding these titles (in American English!) to our libraries once again for a bargain of a price in relation to the recent going rates of the originals.  Much of the original US art produced by TTi has been upgraded with a 'better looking' (Not my opinion) art style to differentiate itself from the original "DUO titles".  One view is that this change in style should create a difference in owning the original vs. owning these re-issued copies.  If it looks like a boot, smells like a boot and tastes like a boot, perhaps it'll stay at a low-low price of around $37 each and not jump up the crazy eBay prices even worse than they already have.  However, another take on this release is that now we not only have the original titles claiming thousands of dollars in worth online, but we also have these remakes that are EVEN MOAR RAREZZ  and should be treated just as valuable as the originals!

Me personally, I'm kind of stoked that I will be able to play these games on real hardware again and look forward to enjoying the really good looking art-style of the bootleg copies.  The quality looks super impressive and anything OBEY is cool for me!  Especially knowing it's only $150 for all 4 titles, rather than emptying out my savings account for video games.  :)~

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