Wednesday, February 11, 2015

9 found dead as result of Bonk attack in China!

9 found dead as result of Bonk attack in China!

At approximately 3:13 AM in Beijing, China reports grew rampant of a crazed video game character, most known for work in the early 90's video games 'Bonk's Adventure' and 'Bonk's Revenge' for the Turbografx 16 console, attacking civilians on the streets of the great city.  While actual truth and news worthy information may not be found anywhere within this blog updat, we at The HuPack were saddened to hear news of human casualties and other near lethal injuries come from Southern China early this morning.

Word got out that Bonk had been seen in a local bar drinking heavily, what he was doing in the great city of Beijing to begin with is still to be determined, but passerby's say that most of the night Bonk had been in an aggravated state mostly complaining of personal problems going on in his life, the loudest shrieks came when he was allegedly blaming Hudson Soft for his recent drop in relevance in the video game world. Lin Wen, a local patron of the bar, said "Before the attack, Bonk got into a war of words with a couple guys that were looking for trouble. They shouted out to Bonk before running that he was a big headed loser that hasn't been in a single video game in over 15 years and he should be dead now." Lin looked down. "Now they are dead. They are dead and deserve to be dead. Bonk is a good video game character, he is simply misunderstood and has a big head."

Actual statistics of the attack are sketchy at this juncture, but from what we have gathered thus far, Bonk attacked 16 people, some with his head and many by biting them. He killed 9 and injured 7 more. 3 of those injured are in critical condition and the others were able to escape with minor injuries.


Please, someone... anyone!  Give us a new Bonk game!!

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