Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hyper Wars (1994 - PC Engine Super CD) is good?

Today we look at a lesser known PC Engine simulation game called "Hyper Wars".  It came out in the mid 90s and has a soundtrack that was composed by the legendary Yasutaka Hatade (T's Music) of Lords of Thunder and Sapphire fame!  This title usually goes for ~$10 or less on auction sites online and could be considered worth the purchase JUST for the soundtrack!

However, is the game any good outside of the music?  The answer is a resounding - Perhaps? Hyper Wars brings a very good amount of strategy and customization to the table with many open ended creatures you can create and do battle in tournaments against other teams across the futuristic globe and even against other players!  I would assume that anyone with the ability to read Japanese would have a very enjoyable time with the game.

What if you can't speak or read Japanese?  Well, it's actually still really playable and a fun game to tinker with even without really understanding everything.  Here's a slightly more in-depth look at the game! 

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