Monday, February 15, 2016

Ys Book I & II *Fan Created* Special Editions Coming Soon!?

Many many moons ago one of the go-to places for Turbo talk was Dark City Productions that was ran by Electrohaze.  The site had a great community (forums), and a ton of content that included music downloads and screen shots.  Electrohaze was always coming up with cool projects and ideas; one of those being the excellent idea of a Special Edition Ys Book I&II!!  News of this has actually resurfaced recently with the project being considered for a possible professional pressing by the Turbob XPress group!

Taken from the post on Social Networks from Electrohaze:
"I been kicking it around in turbo land since, well forever.
Anyway, I made a special bootleg of Ys back in 2001. Called "Ys Special Edition." I changed the music in the game to remixes and created a nice package design for the disc and jewel case. I offered this on my website for a limited time at the cost of the disc.

Is there any interest in having copies of this made?
If you didn't already know about this project you can learn about it from my old webpage here:
I hope to make a new improved version with higher quality and/or new and different remixes later this year....
I still have the ISO, and all of the original Photoshop files for my package design.. any info can be updated if needed.
I don't have a physical copy of it with me right now (it's in storage, or lost...) so these print design images will have to do."

Check out the original post here!

Hopefully we'll hear more news about this soon!  Stay tuned!!


Anonymous said...

Hope this happens, and maybe Ys IV.

Killjoyy27 said...

Hello I am new to the PC Engine Community, I have been a retro gamer for 36 years. I am player not a collector. I have recently got into play PC Engine games on my DUO RX. I was a NES and SEGA player, but after playing PC Engine games this has quickly risen to the top as my favorite system. I was hoping some one in the community could help me get into the forums I have tried to register a few months ago and have not gotten back my confirmation. I am eager to discuss with the community and learn. I have heard some people putting a good word in with the admins as I have read it takes a lot of time to get registered. Thanks for reading and hoping to interact with this great community of gamers very soon.

Tim Favro said...

The updated version of said release is slated for Summer 2017. Stay tuned!