Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Gate of Thunder Remastered by: Electrohaze


Electrohaze said he would do it, so now he has done it! Taking all the music from Gate of Thunder and remastering it.  After working with EQ's for several hours making sure he wasn't clipping the music, fixing some fades, and even EQ'd tracks left and right channels one by one for a better stereo mix - We have a complete remastering of the original GoT soundtrack!

This task was an act of love to the Turbo community, and with enough support, hopefully we'll see more projects like this in the future!

Does Dark City Productions seem familiar to you?  If so, you are probably an old veteran of the 90s Turbografx scene!  DCP, The Turbo Pages, PCenginefx.com and Turbo2k.net were some of the first community pages available online back in the day that covered Turbo! It's great to see some life breath back into DCP today and can't wait to see new projects in the future!!

Check out Dark City Productions on FB for GoTR and other cool projects!

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