Monday, July 24, 2017

Off the Wall prototype for PCE gets release!!

It may or may not be news to you that back in the 16-bit heyday, game developer "TENGEN" were signed on to develop games for our beloved PC Engine/Turbografx 16. They were working on many of the same games they released on Feka's 16-bit monster, the Mega Drive/Genesis.  Games like Klax, Marble Madness (unreleased for TG-16) and slightly lesser known- "Off the Wall".  A slightly less completed version of Off the Wall has been dumped to the net and is available for those willing to wield a Turbo Ever Drive or are using Emulation like "Magic Engine"!!

This has been teased a few times over the years. first by Nekofan a long time ago, then more recently by Jun Amanai who programmed that port and apparently own some versions of it. Comparing the version I obtained with Jun's, it seems that Jun's version is more recent and complete. This PC Engine build here seems to be a work-in-progress debug version, where you can skip levels at the press of a button, and not all features have been implemented. Still a cool thing! The files are below.
To see more from the actual article please check out -SMS Power Forums

Stay tuned for more info as we hear more!  ~

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