Thursday, July 31, 2008

A introduction is in order......

When i was asked to be a part of the HuPack i was pretty excited about it really as being able to Blog with other PC Engine/Turbo-16 fans was something i found to be interesting and could be loads of fun.

But i also realized that the people i would be Blogging with really do not have a ideal of who Jboypacman is and thoses who would be reading this Blog might want a ideal of who i am as well.

So here my story which i will keep short.......

I have been a long time video gamer having started playing them back in the late 70s/early 80s.

I first played video games at home on a Coleco Tele-Star Pong system followed by shortly there after the Atari 2600 which i still collect and play even today.

My very first arcade game was Space Invaders then followed by the classic Omega Race and then the one arcade game that would have the most impact on me Pac-Man.

I  have ran the gambit of video game systems over the years but the ones i have now settled into are the PC Engine,Atari 2600 and the Sega Master System.

So there is the short version of my video gaming story i hope this will give you the readers and my fellow bloggers a ideal of who jboypacman is as far as a video gamer goes.

The personal stuff well thats something you will just have to find out about as we become friends here on the HuPack.

Thanks for reading and take care untill next time.

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Windancer said...

Great stuff Jboy! welcome aboard! Hope to see some gaming content or some great stories soon! Excellent bio. I may have to put one together for myself