Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cover Art in Video Games

Ok i just dont get it why do we here in North America get some of the worst cover art on our video games.
Over in Japan they have always had the best art on the boxes/cases of there video games it seems which is great but I wish U.S. game publishers would follow suit and either use the import game art or come of with better art for there releases stateside.

Japanese cover Final Zone II
US cover Final Zone II

The PC Engine is a prime example of this look at the art on PCE cases vs art on its U.S. counterpart the Turbografx-16 the T-16 art is just bad compare to the PCE.

Now this is not always the case as Winds of Thunder and Lords of Thunder(T-16 version of Winds) retained the same great art work and am sure there are a few others too.

And am sure there are fans out there that like the Turbografx-16 cover art but I just think the PC Engine art is so much better.

This is like this on most game systems from the NES up to the PS2 I guess it just how things were and are now but I think its getting better with fans having more awareness of the import side of gaming and with anime being so mainstream now we are seeing more games being brought over to the US and having there cover art being unchanged now.

Still it would of been nice to have seen more PCE art on T-16 games but I guess that would take away from the charm of PC Engine and the uniqueness of the Turbografx-16.

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Awesome Stuff Jboy Hope you dont mind me adding a prime comparisan in your article. I didnt change any content just added the pics