Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lords of Thunder vs Gate of Thunder

I have a few friends that are fans of Lord of Thunder for the PC Engine/Turbografx-16 they just think its the greatest shooter(Shump)out there with its huge bosses and rocking Heavy Metal soundtrack.
One night a while ago we had all gotten together for a gaming night and the PC Engine was in full game play that night and as we were going through a set of games Gates of Thunder got put in for some play time and the debate started shortly after some play.

Lords of thunder
Debate? You ask what could we be debating about after playing a great game like Gate of Thunder? The debate was which one is better.......Lords of Thunder or Gate of Thunder?

Now with me i like them both i think they are pretty even across the board as far as game play and style with each bring something to the table but my friends see it differently than I do.

With most of them going with Lords due to its music

Gate of Thunder
and style but a few sticking with Gate because of it being some much like the legendary Thunderforce games.

And i will admit i was a very pro-Lords fan when I first played years ago something about a Metal sound track and fantasy setting that draws you in like your at a Dragonforce concert or something very epic really.

But after picking up a copy of Gate not that long ago and giving it some play time i really grew to enjoy it like the before mentioned Thunderforce games.

So its Epic fantasy shooter vs Scifi shooter tour de force its a hard choice to choose one thats better than the other one so i say pick both as they both are reasons to own a PCE/T-16 and to play shooters(Shumps)i just wish my friends saw it that way.

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