Thursday, April 23, 2009

Forever and a day....A blog from Jboypacman on the HuPack.

Boy it seems like forever but i finally made it back to the HuPack to place a new Blog up.

My collection has grown quite abit from last time i was on here am now up into the 70 games range and i have 2(with a 3rd one on the way)PC Engine systems(Duo-R and CoreGrafx II with a Brief Case unit close behind).

I now not only chit-chat over on the PCEngineFX.Com ShoutBox but on the RisingStuff Forums as well with all my great friends.

The PC Engine has really introduced me to not only some great games but to some great people has well and that am very grateful for(See video games can bring people together).

I hope to be able to continue to post a blog or two on the Hupack here as well as re-jumpstart my AtariAge.Com Blog as well this year.

This Blog is just a reintroduction of sorts to me and hopefully there will be more to come from me(no promises here lol).

Take care untill next time gang.


Marktheshark said...

I really like this blog. I'm also really interested in the PC-Engine.

jboypacman said...

The PCE is great well worth collecting and playing.