Friday, April 24, 2009

Deep Blue.....Not So Good.

Ok i hate to say this(well not really)but Deep Blue for the PC Engine(and Turbografx-16)is not so good.

There i said it and now its out in the open for all to know but am sure most people know this by now.

You know its sad too because Deep Blue for the PCE(T-16)could of been a ok game(notice i said ok)the graphics are fairly clean but the music really starts to feel like some one is hammering a rusty nail into your skull.

But the worest part is the enemies they attack you in irratic patterns and can be pretty relentless making the game a really pain to play.

If you need a fish based shumup you may want to try one of Tatio's Darius games which can be found on the PC Engine has well.

All i can say is at lest Deep Blue can be bought cheap and is better than Xevious(This is my personal opinion so no offense to all of you Xevious fans out there).


Marktheshark said...

Isn't Deep Blue made by Pack-In-Video? Are they still around today?

jboypacman said...

In 1996 Pack-In Video merged with the video game divison of Victor Enterainment and became Victor Interactive software and is now a part of Marvelous Enterainment.