Sunday, May 3, 2009

Power Drift..... Very Ambitious!

I picked up a copy of PowerDrift for the PC Engine most recently which is a port of the Yu Suzuki produced arcade game from Sega.

What can i say about this game but its a very ambitious port of a fun arcade title and in spite of the limitations of PCE hardware the game turned out quite nice.

The arcade Power Drift has all sorts of sprite scrolling creating a 3-D effect and gave the game a almost roller coaster feel to it.

The home version on the PCE does a good job recreating this and while not perfect or as smooth you still know you are playing Power Drift.

Players still get to choice from 12 drivers from various walks of life but instead being able to pick your tracks like in the arcade you now have to play them in order.

This is Asmik published Hu-Card game(The same good folks that brought us another Sega arcade port for the PCE....Shinobi).

After playing Power Drift for a while i pondered to myself if this game could be done better as a Super CD or Arcade CD title?

I guess we will never know but still am pretty happy with Power Drift on the PC Engine and yes i know there those who don't care for this port but i find it enjoyable and i think its well worth trying out.

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Windancer said...

Man oh man! I love Power drift pretty fun game and very impressive on the pcengine!