Sunday, May 17, 2009

Daisenpu.....War is Hell they say but this game isn't.

Daisenpu is a vertical shooter(or Shump if you perfer)released by NEC Avenue for the PC Engine back in 1990.

It is a conversion of Toplan's/Taito's arcade game known as Twin Hawk which also saw a release on the Sega MegaDrive the same year.

In Daisenpu you control a World War II fighter plane and fly into the heart of the enemy lines shooting at tanks and various warships.

Power-ups can be found in the game by shooting some of the smaller tanks during play.

You can also call out a small squadron of fighter planes that will fly next to you as your wingmen and will help you shoot at your enemies and with a press of a button will dive bomb at your foes as well.

One of the most interesting things about Daisenpu is the fact that there is no pause between levels creating a continuous flow in the game.

Graphics and sounds are good in the game as is the controls of your plane which moves quite smoothly on the screen(well as limited as your movements can be in a shooting game).

I should also note that a year after the release of the Hu-Card edition of this game a CDRom2 version was released and while i have not had a chance to play Daisenpu on CD my understanding is the Hu-Card is the better of the two(which seems to be a common thing among CD ports of Hu-Card games i have heard).

So Daisenpu is a good shooter(shump)for your PCE with much in common with games like Fire Shark or Tiger Heli.

It is one of my "go to" games when am looking for something fun to play with a little bit of challenge to it.

They say "War is Hell" but those with skills in shooting games will no doubt blast there way through this game with ease but it is still worth a buy if you are looking for something new or at lest a round of play or two if you have a friend that owns a copy.

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Windancer said...

I've been meaning to pick up the CD version of this game for quite sometime I have a few others on top of my list but this one I will definately give a ride