Sunday, May 24, 2009

A few personal PC Engine notes

No review from me this post just a few odd notes of things i have been playing on the PC Engine as of late.....

Power League II: this was a freebie Hu-Card that i had gotten from WolfGames(awesome place to order PCE and other import games from) with a game i ordered from them and for a baseball game its fun(Am not into sports games but i guess everyone should own one at lest right? lol).

Panic Bomber: I have had this game for a while now and its a fun puzzle game in the vain of Puyo Puyo featuring Bomberman(Great fun and cheap to buy too).

Burning Angels: This great overhead shooter(shump) has been talked about on the HuPack before and it should be talked about its a good game(I like the anime clips in it reminds me of the Dirty Pair anime).

P-47: Another World War II shooter(shump) but this one is horizontal(left to right)and is a fun and cheap game to pick up if you dont own it already.

Knight Rider Special: Yes i know its a Pack-In Video title but its worth getting and playing just because its Knight Rider!(I used to watch the show as a kid plus it reminds me alot of RoadBlasters which was a great arcade game from Atari).

Dragon Spirit: Got this on a trade and i used to own the U.S. version(Turbografx-16)years ago(Its 1941/42 but with dragons!).

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