Saturday, July 25, 2009

Goodbye Hu-Pack.

Am saying goodbye to the Hu-Pack today as i have decided to start my own GoggleBlog....Invader from the Cosmic Ark.

It was fun posting on the Hu-Pack but there seems to be a lack of interest anymore here and instead of posting about my PC Engine fun here i optioned to do it on my new blog.

Plus i will be having blogs about the Atari 2600 and other randomness so am looking forward to that as well.

I hope the Hu-Pack continues and who knows i may return because this is a great place to be if you like the PC Engine or the Turbografx-16.

Goodbye my friends or is it hello to my friends i will see you great folks on the Cosmic Ark.


Windancer said...

whats the link to your new blog JBOY

Windancer said...

JBOY Im making attempt to resurrect this site. I sure would love to have back aboard if your up to it :)It's the only site im working on. So this will be my primary work on site :)