Friday, June 26, 2009

SonSon II

People who follow Dragonball would feel somewhat at home playing SonSon II on the PC Engine as it is based off of the "Legend of the Monkey King" much like Dragonball is

Its a fun and colorful action platformer from Capcom but released by NEC Avenue on Hu-Card around 1989/1990.

Players take on the role of SonSon who with his magic pole staff sets off to rescue his friends from the evil clutches of various vile villians collecting food,fruit,health and zenny(coins)to buy power-up items in various shops that are spreaded about the game.

Its a pretty proto-typical game of this type but is fun and one of the better ones on the PCE you can buy.

The game itself can be found for a fairly cheap price last time i looked(I paid about $25-$30 for a near complete copy).

SonSon II is one of those games you might not go to every time to play but when you do pick it up and play it you will find yourself wanting to play it over and over again because it a quite enjoyable.

Do yourself a favor and give SonSon II a try its worth your time and effort to find and to add to your PC Engine collection.

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nectarsis said...

This game should be in EVERY PC Engine gamers library. EASILY one of the top 5 Hueys on the system.