Monday, August 15, 2011

The Hu Pack is Back!

Well Ive been thinking of making a new Blog about the Daily Life I live in my PCEngine Kingdom. It's been a very longtime since i've written on a blog. However I will start posting a daily entry about what I played, How much I enjoyed what I played, and my thoughts about what I played. There will be some days I don't actually play. I will leave a blog entry of something. So with that I will try and breath some life back into the HuPack

What are My Thoughts now?

Well, I have been very frustrated for years with videogames. Nintendo seems to be hammering out sequel after, after sequel. It just seems at this point that they are not capable of creating anything new or innovative. They also seem to have an issue backing their console Hardware. Sure they backed the DS which I do love. But the Wii has been an absolute disaster and it's a time they appologize to their loyal fans for that.

I do love some of the 3d games that come out. I had a great time with games like Gun on the PS2. I am a sucker for a good ole west shootem up :) However a majority of them just don't seem to be my thing. I also don't like 1st person shootem ups Like call of duty and Duke Nukem. The industry keeps plugging away cardboard cutout 1st person shooters and that makes me sad.

So for me it's back to my Trusted TG16/PCE. I will not be buying another home console call it retirement to TG16/PCE and my DS for portable gaming. I hope you will all enjoy the Daily entries. I also hope I can make them interesting, informative, Funny and enjoyable to read. Now as some of you have read at pcefx I have had the unthinkable happen to my TG16. The AC Adapter went after 20 years of servitude. I was just about in tears. However, after scouring the messages boards. Nat had posted years ago that he found an alternative to the AC Adapter at Radio Shack. I immediately ordered the Part and should be getting it about wednesday or thursday for testing. in the mean time I have my PCE Coregrafx. So over the next couple days I will posting some small thoughts on games I play on my PCE.

Thanks for Reading and its Good to be Back!

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