Friday, September 16, 2011

Windy is King "Anearth Fantasy Stories"

Well I was inside Castle Rostarl Hobnobbing with the king and queen. I said something to them and they left the thrown room..."HOW RUDE!" Anyway since they left I decided to take a load off and test out their seats...errr throne. But it was soon time to set sail.

A couple new areas opened up to me. The Mines and this little Village. So I decided to explore this village first. Not much Happening here although I think something bad is happening. The music is good but depressing. So I moved onto the mines. The mines were full of action it took me a good hour to clear it out. Had some great puzzles in there. One thing about Anearth is there is alot of back tracking and puzzle solving. I love this sort of thing. It's nice to really get to know a town, village and Dungeon. Most RPG's go with this massive map to explore when really you can do plenty with the map the size of anearth or cosmic fantasy for instance. I think in todays RPG's they really concentrate to much on the massive instead of the quality. From my 9 hours of Anearth I do believe it could be the most quality RPG That I have played in my life.

I didn't do it! I swear I didn't clear out your house! Haha It was Runin I saw him do it! He was here yesterday!

Until Tommorrow..........SPREAD THE JOY OF PCENGINE!

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