Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What will the Future Hold?

As some of you Know I have put Pretty much my entire collection of TG16 Systems and games up on Ebay. It's made me sick to do so. We just need the money. The doctor bills over the last 5 years or so have just killed us and I just found out the Goverment passed a Law allowing the union to cut my retirement by more than half and they intend to do such as they sent me a letter this week with their intentions. Times are Tough. Now I do not plan on going anywhere. I'm keeping my PCE with about 20 games and if my systems and games sell I do intend on picking up a few Hucard titles that I have always wanted like Ninja Gaiden. So I will be writing up some Hucard Thoughts and maybe about the agony of losing my TG16 collection. In the event that my system doesn't sell on ebay I will be offering a split sale on PCEFX sometime later in the week. This might actually allow me to keep one system. If anyone is interested in my sale here is the ebay link it just has a few days: Windys TG16 Sale .

UPDATE! I had a very good first week of sales. I want to thank everyone who purchased games from me. I lost some great games. However! I got to keep about 70 games and have been rejuvenated to play these games I have had for a very longtime. Thank you Pcenginefx for purchasing. I hope the prices were right and you guys get the enjoyment out of them that I had over the years. some of those games I had for 20 years.

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nectarsis said...

REALLY sucks to hear bro. I hope everything turns around soon. Remember they're only games, and can be replaced. :)