Sunday, November 6, 2011

Efera and Jiliora Excellent in most respects

I had never heard of this of game until I came across a review of it at the Brother's Duomazov's website. I picked the game up and it sat for quite sometime. In fact I just recently put every single game I owned up in order to get some much needed money together to catch up on bills before popping this one into the old turbob.

I'm not going to write a huge review on the game cause I have not finished but I have been playing it now for at least 5 or 6 hours. First off the game Graphically is top notch for a game of it's time. It's a CDrom game from the first batch of PCEngine Cd's. The Artwork is outstanding! Music is also Top Notch. The tunes are very reminiscent of an Ys or even a Dragon Slayer Title. Sound effects they aren't that great but they will do. I must say this game is indeed a surprise for such a Cheapy title that can be grabbed for a mere 6.00 to 8.00 bucks.

The gameplay here is a bit Diablo, Y's and Dungeon Explorer all Rolled into 1. You will traverse some pretty large maps working your way forward to the next town or forest. Watchout for the Giant wasps! Haha! you'll find out. Towns and inhabited areas will take a bit of exploration. There is lots to be learned in each of these area's. First thing you will want to do as in any Type of RPG is find a weapon shop and the armory. There is also a healer and a few other surprises to be found.

The cutscenes to me are just spectacular. I love these kind of cutscenes. They are not run of the mill anime still shots. These are a work of pixel art I've only seen in a few PCE/TG16 games that frankly I wish had been put into more titles. You will have to play to get the Picture of this most excellent feature of this beautiful game.

Is the game perfect? Is Old Windy off his rocker? Well no the game is certainly not perfect. It does have some visual slow down at times. I know this will drive some of you nuts. Me? No, I don't think it kills the gameplay at all. The game is very easily playable without the knowledge of Japanese. Pretty much just snoop around towns and you will be fine. I'm going to cut this short but felt this game should be posted as a must buy for PCE owners. It's just a nice ride. All I will say to end this short is this.......Do yourself a favor and level grind a little bit! Don't be a fool and save as often as you can!

**UPDATE** This game has a 2 player option. So for you guys who like to play co-op Here is your game!


_joshuaTurbo said...

Holy cow man, Yes! I was always curious about how others thought of this game. I have been meaning to pick it up for quite some time now. It really looks excellent. Would you say the cutscenes remind you a bit of a Loom or Beyond Shadowgate? That is what I'm getting by staring at screen shots. :) Now to go out and find me a copy.....

Bernard Lindell Jr said...

I actually have this game and never popped it in! Gonna have to check it out!