Friday, December 2, 2011

A clean slate

So came under attack a few weeks ago.  The forums went down for about a week and a half.  Most of the community pulled together and congregated at Sunteam's place . I really got to say thank you right off the bat to Paul for putting forth the effort to give everyone a nice spot to keep the 'turbob way' going.  As of a few days ago, the pcenginefx forums did get restored and all is well.  Or is it?
When the forums were restored the moderators decided to take away the shoutbox along with a few smaller modifications to the site.  The shoutbox is a pretty big loss, it's a great way to get a hold of someone and get responses in a quick manner.  A few members made sad faces when they found out this would not be returning.  However, Windy was nice enough to pop a really sweet shout up here on our very own HuPack blog!  (Thank you Wind)  In addition to that SunTeam Paul added a really excellent chat room to the PC Engine Community Forums . So never fear.  We have ways to keep the community chatting!

I hope that with the return of pcenginefx we will see more involved moderation and leadership.  Possibly to get new members signed up quicker than 30-60 days?  Maybe returning emails/PM messages for questions to the moderators, or even answering requests.  I would like to see the original pcenginefx site have half the speed of SunTeam Paul's response time when it comes to admin questions and issues.  That would be the day.  My one thought right off the top of my head though, if this is really a new start to the pcenginefx site, and things are going to change going forward, why not let everyone have a clean slate?


nectarsis said...

Clean slate in what ways?

_joshuaTurbo said...

Yeah, I'm not really sure where I was going there Nec.

Windancer said...

nice info Josh. I do hope the shoutbox comes back up at pcefx if not we will just deal with it