Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Holidays PC Engineers and worshippers of OBEY!

You've no doubt gathered your secret santa goodies under the tree and set aflaim the Yule SNES cart in the fireplace.  All set for this year's holiday offering.  What OBEYness might you recieve?  One can never know, but one thing is for sure- regardless if you are opening a fresh copy of Night Creatures, or you were fortunate enough to open up a used TaleSpin.  Hey we feel your pain... we do!!  But open the mothah up anyway, pop it in the ole PCE/Turbobber and take a strong swig and get gaming!!  This isn't just ordinary gaming, this is OBEY! This is Christmas done Turbografx style!  Feel like a kid again.

Looking for a couple new ideas for a turbobber? Try a couple of these suggestions:

Check out for Chris Bucci's very own Turbo Views.  Chris goes through reviews and extras of all sorts of great and some not so great Turbo games.  A really great watch, even for those not knowing of the ways of OBEY.  Or check out his youtube account here -

Who is interested in a new Turbo game!?!?  I know I am.  While I'm pretty sure this is going to miss the boat for the 2011 holiday season, we have a good feeling it will finally be released in early 2012.  Check out for more information!!  Pre purchase the game to be one of the first to say you have the FIRST TURBOB RPG IN almost 20 years!!

Thanks for reading- happy holidays!!

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