Thursday, February 23, 2012

Back after a bit of a break

I'm back after a bit of a break. I've been very busy between work and doctors lately. I have had the sudden urge to get some new stuff posted to the blog. I have recently been going through Dynastic Hero since I got my hands on a Sega Arcade Dual Motion console and beat Wonder Boy in Monster Land which was patched with an english translation. Both games are just excellent! I do prefer the TurboGrafx version over the megadrive version. The differences between the 2 are pretty significant. First thing most people will notice is the difference in soundtrack. The TurboGrafx is pumping out cdrom quality music and the Genesis well um its ok but not close. Another thing you will notice, is the Genny has multiscrolling backgrounds which is really nice. However the TurboGrafx colors just popout at you compared to slightly lower amounts of color on the Genny. Like I said both games are excellent in their own right.

I have finished Dynastic Hero a few times now and love it each and everytime I go through it. Years ago when I got the game from TZD I was excited to pop it in and play it. At first I was, "What the hell is this!". I was told by a guy from TZD it was a solid RPG. Back then I was thinking that this was a sidescrolling action game. At first I had felt ripped off. It did not take long for me to realize, Dynastic Hero was in fact a solid RPG for my beloved TG16. The presentation of 2d sidescrolling RPG's had not sat well with me back in the day. This game changed all that for me. I had also not played YsIII yet.

The story presents itself perfectly and the game has a few very cool surprises for the gamer I consider to be innovative and fun. One example of this that I actually hear complaints about is the use of an Ocarina to open doors. I love the way this was implemented into the game. Most peole I talk too are annoyed by the use of the Ocarina but I think for the time it was a stroke of genius on the part of the programmers. Rest assured there are lots of other surprises awaiting you in Dynastic Hero.

Windy your nuts! I can't afford a few hundred bucks to plop down and play Dynastic Hero! There is no game worth a few hundred dollars! Well true that. But there are a couple ways to get your hands on a copy without shelling out a months rent for this game. First, if you own a Wii its available for virtual console. I also have a copy on virtual console and its good. Pretty cool playing it with a wireless controller for around 10 bucks. Second, get the imported version for around 15 bucks from ebay or a trusted importer of pcengine games and play the original. If you get the import version you will need to use a walkthrough. No way around that but still a cool way to go through it. Third, pick up a Sega Arcade Dual Motion and download the rom to an sdcard all for about 30 bucks wireless controllers included :) One drawback to the Dual motion is you cannot save games. You will need to leave the system on. Luckily Dynastic hero can be finished in 15 to 20 hours.

Whichever route you take to playing this excellent game you will enjoy the nostalgia of one of the best games to ever be released on TG16 or megadrive/sega genesis. It's just that simple. IT'S A MUST PLAY!

Spread the Joy of PCengine! Oh and Megadrive/ Genesis hee hee


PS. Good to be back! Hope I can get some content up for you guys


nectarsis said...

Welcome back bud. Here's to year of good health, good fun, good friends, and good OBEY :)

8BitPat said...

YES! Blogging is awesome, even if only a handful of people read it... it's fun to do :)

Windancer said...

I beleive its time to praise the obey and goodness of the pcengine. Best system ever made although the ds is a close second for me

Windancer said...

3DS is workin it way up fast though. Great game releases the past few months and more on the way!

nectarsis said...

I FINALLY found a game that will entice me enough to get a 3ds...Etrian Odyssey 4 WOOOOOOOO

Windancer said...

DO IT! haha. really its becoming my favorite fast although the games are quite spendy I seriously pick and choose what I think I will like and the Eshop has become much better with some decent releases on the cheapy side