Monday, March 26, 2012

Turbo Fest at MGC

Just returned from an epic meetup of TurboGrafx nerds at this year's Midwest Gaming Classic!!  I can honestly say that everyone had a total blast.  From setup on Friday morning (some Thursday night ;) ) all the way to tear down on Sunday night, it was a very fun time!  We had many games for our beloved OBEY machine running.  We ran a TurboGrafx complete with CD attachment alongside a SuperGrafx next to a PCFX next to a US Turbo Duo and on the end was our PC Engine Duo R!

All weekend the Turbo Fest area was pumping turbo goodness, from Lords and Gate to Air Zonk, Dracula X, NEXZR, and Bonk 3.  We had hundred of people coming through playing the best the system had to offer.  Lots of people that had never played the system, or only had heard about it and always wanted it got a chance to see it!  There was one guy that was playing it and just after went to the vendor hall to purchase a TG16.  He went home with Blazing Lazers, Bonk's Adventure and ....erm, Side Arms.....  Damn you Majors!

We also had a chance to show off and play Mysterious Song and Jungle Bros. and I must say that CRAP am I impressed with the quality of these games.  Jungle Bros had everyone talking about how great it looked.  It actually was drawing people that weren't big Turbo nerds over for a quick play.  When you actually get to play these titles seeing the amount of detail and effort that went into them it really gets you excited man.  I can't tell you how excellent it will be to have these games in our collections soon.

All in all, the Turbo section of MGC was another great success.  The group we had this year was bigger than ever and spanned farther across the US.  People from, and other forums were well represented here and we all got to know each other a little better. I can't think of ANY disappointment that came of the weekend.  :)  Take a look around our facebook pages or on for more pics.

Thank you for reading ;)

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Windancer said...

Very Nice post Josh I wish I had been there I hope next year!