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Emerald Dragon Journey part 2

Finally after far too long I've dove back into this excellent Japanese only RPG for our beloved Super CD System.  This past weekend I was able to set aside roughly 3 hours to play some Emerald Dragon.  As I write this, I want to let you know, that this nearly didn't happen.  Before I popped in Emerald Dragon, I wanted to watch the intro and play a few minutes of The Legend of Xanadu.  I was quickly sucked in and got to the first side scrolling section.  Xanadu is seriously awesome, I quickly realized I sunk in almost an hour and said to myself I HAVE TO STOP!  I must finish what I started with Emerald Dragon!! 

I begrudgingly took Xanadu out and told my wife to hide it somewhere not to be given back to me until I finish Emerald Dragon!  Phew, now that is out of the way, Boy was I glad to continue on my quest with Emerald Dragon! My continue had me standing in a dungeon just on the east side of the town I started in.

I honestly couldn't really remember where I was at last time I played, so I just continued walking around the dungeon only to find a few random battles and a lot of empty treasure chests.  No harm done as it was good to do a bit of level up grinding while becoming reacquainted with the area.  I walked back to the center city and around the forest areas level grinding a bit but doing some regular adventuring, seeing if there is anything to be found of interest.  I quickly surveyed the over-world/area map and noticed that there is another city area to the slight south west.  I found myself heading that way with my group.

When I attempted to enter into the building to the north of the larger city area I was rudely encountered with what I felt was a slightly more difficult random battle.  I had little trouble disposing of the baddies, but it seemed to take longer than usual.  Once finished with the spoils of battle my party quickly scurried away from the doorway.  Apparently something at the gates struck fear in the hearts of my warriors and we fled. I searched south of the building and found another entrance to a building just outside of the town. At the entrance way I found two more guards standing watch.  Wouldn't you know it those jerks wouldn't let us in either!!  What is their problem with our party?  We're clearing the countryside of evil!  We're good samaritans. No matter how convincing I tried to be at the gate, they wouldn't allow us to pass.  Son of a bitch.
Finally we headed towards the large area that looked like a town in the south.  There were no gates, so we had no issues with getting into the area.  We went around to the local village shops powering up our weapons to max and acquiring herbs and better armor.  We also found a casino in town!  When we entered we found a gambling game where you use your best hand-eye coordination to try to shoot down character looking toy sprites from the game.  If you can manage to poke down the toys on moving conveyer belts you get points, if you miss you get nothing.  This game was pretty tough at first, but after a while I started to get the hang of it.  I'm not really sure if I ever made any actual profit playing this game though...

We walked around town a bit more seeing if there were any other events that we needed to trigger I remember a bar we walked into and had a live voice conversation with my party.  It seemed that the members of my gang were pissed about how everyone seems to be trying to keep us out of certain areas.  Word must be spreading of our dominance in the field of battle, and there must be secrets held within their walls, they must be trying to keep these secrets from us.  After our talk, we walked around some more, and wouldn't you know it.  We found another building in town that had guards watching the front door.  I went up to the guards, and they seemed to be telling us to piss off.  This seemed to really enrage us because it then gave us the option to do battle with the guards!  Hell yes!! Finally, some vengeance on all these bastards blocking our destiny by just standing there!  We quickly layed waste to the guards and walked into the building.

When we investigated the building full we found a magician and his men.  The leader was all dressed in blue and seemed to be the man behind the troubles we've been running into.  I assume he says "Hahaha, fools! Your meager attempts to enter into buildings will come to an end!"  To which our party just wouldn't be able to live with.  We did battle!!

After destroying his weak group of lackeys we looked down upon his dying carcass and said.  "Now we should be able to walk into any room as we wish!"  "News of our triumphant journey will spread like wildfire and we will be allowed to go anywhere!"  Or at least I assume that is what we said.

After the battle a military general and his guards came in and said "Thank you fine young warriors!  That prick has been holding several of our fortresses captive and now you've set us free!"  We said "You're welcome" Then he told us that there are more evils ahead.  "You remember the first building you guys tried to get into?  We need to get into there and get to the bottom of all of this and forever free our people!"  We said "Hell yes!"

We walked over to the west and found the first building that we ran away from like wussies, and wouldn't you know it, the guards were standing there!  They moved to the side, and said "Hey, lets get some more of our buddies over and blow that gate down with a battering ram!"  We were then able to get inside!

Our parties split up (ours and the guards), and we went through the area encountering plenty of random battles along the way.  As we continued onward we found several of our own guards bodies laying about.  Seems as though the guards were no match for whatever evils are hidden away in this area. 

We were able to get to the end of this prison area, releasing any of our own forces from the cells as we got a key from one of the baddies along the way.  they were very thankful.  What we didn't expect was a giant ABOBO looking dude in one of the cells.  He says "Piss off, these are our prisoners, I will kill you all for coming here!"  I quickly jumped into battle without saving.  The last time I saved was just prior to the battering ram scene.  I say this here as a way to remind any young adventurers to always save as often as you can!  Emerald Dragon allows for saving for wherever you are standing at just about any time.  So, I assume, you can guess what happened....

The big Abobo dude was tougher than I was expecting.  I took my character and ran up to him right off the bat.  I quickly learned two things.  One, Abobo was much stronger than any character we've encountered thus far.  Two, if the main character dies in battle- game over.  Even if the rest of the part is still alive and even able to win the battle and heal the main character.... game over.  I've had other members of the party die and I was able to heal them after the battles, that is fine.  But if your main character bites it.  Game Over.

Abobo smacked me 3 times and I was down for the count.  I quickly saw the death scene and was loaded back to the battering ram scene.  Guards broke down the door, got us in, said "lets split up", got killed and captured, we got the keys, unlocked the prison cells, all the while saving every few random battles, and then we got to the door of that cock sucker Abobo.  We walked around a bit outside the door and got myself up to level 20 after a couple more battles.  Heh, it won't be so easy this time Abobo!

Walked up to him and his cronies and the battle started.  This time my plan was to try to take out the lackeys while the others work on Abobo.  when everyone else was taken care of, I used the main character to jump in, get a few whacks, but then make sure I was at least 5 spaces back from Abobo.  He got in a few good licks here and there, but our party was able to crush his spirit in the end.  He was seriously tough, took a beating and finally fell in defeat.

After the battle we enjoyed our spoils and met with the king of the land.  He suggested we add two more members to our party, and one other member of our party said that was his last great adventure.  It was sad to see one of our members walk away, but knew it was time for him to ride off into the sunset. We lost one member but gained two.  So now we were 5 strong.  I was able to adventure around the new countryside to the west a bit and test out the party, and we are pretty awesome so far.  I got to a fork in the road with a sign and said, this was where I would stop until next time.

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