Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Emerald Dragon: The Journey part III

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to have a free hour to play some more turbob.  While I feel it would probably make the most sense to jump on a shootie for a bit, I felt hungry for more Emerald Dragon.  I hooked up my turbo duo and loaded up the excellent RPG for some more action.  Now, where was I?
Our party continued the epic journey at a fork in the road.  There is a sign that states what is north and what is south.  I looked at the map and it seemed that there was a bridge to the north that led to a town, while in the south there was a village.  I decided we should head north...

After getting through a couple battles I was starting to notice the baddies were increasing slightly in difficulty.  Got into a battle, healed up, kept on plugging away.  Just before we got up to the bridge we hit another random battle.  Except, this was unlike the previous ones.  We encountered a LARGE group of evil bastards, and a few of them were being seen for the first time.  For one reason or another(They must have rolled an amazing initiative) they were able to go first... In a flash I saw my entire party decimated.  There were flying pterodactyl creatures that had at least 40 points of movement and actions that just swooped down and made us their bitch!!

The game quickly reloaded up after the game over blip, and our party looked at each other and said "What the hell was that?"  No literally, I brought up the menu where the character converse with each other and, sure, it was all japanese, but I'm pretty sure that they were telling each other "Lets stay the fuck south from now on!" So we headed south.

There is a village to the south. We walked in and most of the townsfolk seemed to welcome us in with open arms.  The first stop was the armory and I upgraded everyone's weapons and protective gear.  Doing the level up dance helped to acquire lots of extra gold needed for the pricey items. I've also gone through the town and spoke with everyone.  I'm not 100% sure I triggered anything yet, but one event had me speaking with an elderly guy in his home.  We spoke in length and a *ba'ding* jingle played like something happened, however, I'm unsure what it meant.  The party was confused as well..

We went to the bar and spoke to the bar tenders and all patrons inside the inn, most seemed uneventful. We then headed out of town and ran into a few random battles and we were able to brush off most baddies as our party was far better equipped to handle things now.  I noticed that to the south there was a large wooded area and some other places of interest.  We wondered throughout the area just searching around and doing a bit of grinding.  Never feel that just wondering around and leveling up is a bad thing, you never know what you'll stumble upon.

Just like that, I accidentally walked into the big thick woods.  We literally couldn't see our party, we were squeezing through the thickest part of the trees.  I wasn't sure if I was clever and uncovered some sort of secret here, or if the game was glitching out, but we started to wonder around the woods searching around for chests and any other goodies that might fall into our collective laps.  I spent a good chunk of time wondering about, it seems, at least to me, that this forest is just here as a good shortcut from the village to the cave to the east that has a giant bolder blocking the entrance, which by the way, I'm unsure how to unblock at the moment.  But, I'm sure a little more wondering around will uncover the secrets of this area!

This was where we left off for this adventure and I am really looking forward to jump back in to see where these forest paths lead, if anywhere....

Until next time.  :)

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