Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Welcome to the D&D World!

One of my favorite RPG experiences growing up as a young TurboFan-16 was playing through the classic style TSR/SSI Role Playing Game - Order of the Griffon!  Order of the Griffon (or OotG) had a style of gameplay that hadn't been done on the Turbo before.  A classic style first person view RPG with an element of true freedom.  It wasn't a straight up dungeon romp, it had all the elements of the actual D&D world.  Outside of actually creating your own characters, you were able to go wherever your HP could take you.  Go to the Inn for a few drinks, search random buildings along the way or do anything to make your party the most powerful in all the land.

OotG had a very classic style SSI battle system seen in many oldschool DOS/Amiga/Tandy/Apple/Insert Random classic computer name here games like Curse of the Azure Bonds or Pool of Radiance. So if you're a fan of those games, you truly can't pass this one up! Check out my Quickie video here and let me know what you think!!


MatterOverMind said...

Best TG16 (and dare I say console Strategy-RPG) ever! I'm still looking for something as good. I remember saving my pennies when I was a lad and I was definitely not disappointed (well, maybe by the ridiculous passwords). Thanks for giving it some love!

Windancer said...

Love This game! it had some bugs but it was a great time. My friend Patrick is in the credits. he was working at Westwood Studios and play tested this one.