Monday, December 3, 2012

Turbografx Villains 2

A few months later I decided that I needed to try to continue the *ehem* storyline and push it forward to become a bit of an animated series.  This featured exclusively cut-scenes and gameplay from turbografx games and (mostly) my voice.  Turbografx Villians 2 picks up where V1 left off.  Fedes and Ramses are deadset on world domination!  Can Guy Kazama defeat this evil duo on his own?  Will anyone join Guy on his quest to save mankind?  Or could more evil allies be hiding up the villains sleeves!

This video was actually part of Turbo Fest II on March 29th and 30th 2008 in Milwaukee WI as a part of the Midwest Gaming Classic weekend!  The Video had its WORLD DEBUT in front of dozens of Video Game Fans and Collectors!

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