Thursday, August 1, 2013

Forumites of the Month - 'Happy Fourthumites of July'!!

 It's that time of the month again, and HOLY CARPE- I'm posting this (not even 12 hours into) on August 1st!!  That must mean one of two things: Either I'm REALLY excited for what we've dug up for the month of June or I have too much extra time on my hands this week.  Let's just say that I haven't been spending nearly as much time OBEY'n as I should have been, only because of the activity in these zany forums over the past 31 days!!  Without any further bunko from me, here are the FORUMITE AWARDS!!

July Fools!:  Handygrafx discovers the REAL power console!!
 NEC's Power Console! This was the massive attachment meant to go on sale in Spring 1990 following the Winter release of the SuperGrafx system. It was planned to usher in a new dimension of gameplay, similar to Capcom's much later Steel Battalion mecha command centre, by fitting over the entire body of the SuperGrafx console and taking over all controls. In the meantime, the SuperGrafx was a huge flop, and, tragically, plans for the Power Console and games that used it were shelved.

The One Roffle to rule them all-
The Blue Stinger Raffle that wound up being just an instruction booklet with a Tony Hawk game inside!

Killer Quote:* whisper2053 turns the lights out, looks into the mirror, and whispers, "wmac, wmac, wmac..."*        -whisper2053

wmacmonagle's Exile:WP 'steal' of the century-  (AKA- Shitty deal of the month)
Quote of Nonsense-
 "how about you find the ebay sale that doesnt sell at price.  ALL QUICK SELL AT if its under $115-130 dollars..
$80 shipped complete.  PLCARDs WILL SNAG QUICK  cuz it s crazy price!! (NOT TO PCFX) but that s life!

again $65 shipped is reasonable to me.  I will add picture today.. Thanks
example: MM3 (no map) - I offered $210 shipped to re seller guy and he snag with out complaining I am like wow I think it s better off selling to re seller compared to you.. I was hoping that I could sell you the price reseller was willing to pay otherwise they sell for profit while you play for profit!  but i guess you all already complete your colllections!!!!

Nuff said..

CYA BUD! =)"           -wmacmonagle

Necropost of the month!-
Bringing back an excellent thread that housed an interesting debate about the 16-bit console wars.  Personally if someone started a new thread to discuss this some wise crack'n long time forum member would have said "Didn't we have a thread like this already?  Stop starting new threads!" So I have no issues with this Necropost!  Continue the conversation.  :)

Cya Bud Raffle explosion!-

Quotes of Hilarity-
"After reading your posts, I'm convinced that you lost your hands in a meat grinder and have to type using your stumpy arms.

Or you're retarded. "  -jlued686

 "Vestcoat - Mishran
Since u enjoyed my ma being 450. Lets imagine whats your wife would be!!!! Nuff said!! If u actually enjoy her.  I guess it made my ma happy at least!!            Anyway.

I think this is funny tanyway.   The two i banned. They can think they could brown nose over those boxes.  $&@$. Em. Now its all up to soop if he  wanna kiss their asses  for the left overs!!

I doubt cuz i know soop woull do this in fair way and if mishran and vestcoast win their raffle. They can kiss their good karma!!!!"               -wmacmonagle
"Thank God this thread came in under the wire for consideration of a May Forumite award.  It deserves an honorary spot at least."                 -galam   ;)
The PC-FX section still being used as an introductions section.  *of the month?
Just glad to see it's a place for members to say "hi!".  ;)
Killer Quote:
"A belated, "Welcome to Pcenginefx!"               -Bardoly

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