Friday, September 27, 2013

HuPack turns 100!!

Our beloved HuPack PC Engine fan blog has turned 100 today!  That's right, this is the 100th post on this blog site!  100 posts of Turbob awesomeness with a dash of OBEY.  Enough OBEY to keep you interested for over 6 years even!!  Since 2007, we've done our very best to bring you fresh blog posts over the last 2,190 days and we hope we can continue on our quest to share the knowledge of OBEY.
The HuPack has gained traffic through our posts at a steady rate in the last 12 months after it exploded with JBoyPacman and others linking posts from their popular youtube channels back in 2009.

I always find it interesting to see which browsers people use to view our site!  I also find it interesting that only 4% of our users use Opera to browse the OBEY interwebz!  (OPERA RULES!!) ;)

I, personally have written a few blog posts from the comfort of my home with my Linux Mint (Isadora) laptop, so if you're part of the 3% that continue to support the open source OS phenomenon, I solute you!!

If you ever wondered where in the world most of our traffic comes from, this gives us a good indication of where our OBEY'rs are at!

Here's to another 100 posts and many more years of the HuPack!!  Thanks for the support!

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