Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Benki Gaiden

With the outage on my TG16 Cdrom I've hooked up my Core Grafx and started playing Benki Gaiden that I've owned for years but really never played. I am pleasantly surprised by the game although I am lost Haha! I did manage to head south of the main 2 towns or villages and entered a Tower and defeated a boss in there. It's a pretty good looking game so far. I like the overhead map it's pretty large and the game has pretty Decent music. The Battles are random and Turned based. I had a little snafu in the beginning with saving games, but got that all straightened out. So far so good. I have found 2 other towns one west of the start town and another north of the town in the west. I am a little lost but I plan to remedy that soon :)

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