Thursday, August 25, 2011

Got in a Couple of Hours of Play Tonight

I got in a couple hours of Flash Hiders this evening. Flash Hiders is one of those games that's Dear and near to my Heart. I have beaten it on every skill level. I also got friends into This fighting game who would normally not play a fighting a game. They would say this game kicks so much butt!

The Game has a wacky story mode with very memorable characters. The sounds and sights of the game Get it on! The controls can be a little on the hurtin side if your thumb just cracked open and is spewing blood cause you can't put the game down LOL

This is a must own in any TG16/Turbo Duo's stash of good games. Pick it up! It will not disappoint! In the words of an old Friend...........DO IT! See you Tommorrow Night when I write some more about my Adventures with Benki

"Spread The Joy of PCEngine!"

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