Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beyond Shadowgate By Windy

Well I certainly cannot say enough about this game. It is a slow mover. For those of you who like the fast paced environment, you may not Like Beyond Shadowgate all that much. If you're a smoker take your TG16 CD Rom outside, hook up your rig and enjoy the pleasures of smoking while you play cause you will certainly be comfortable, LOL. Then for you Nook and Cranny Role playing Nuts, beyond shadowgate is absolutely for you!.

You play the part of Prince Eric whose father was just murdered and sister kidnapped. Not only that, you've been thrown in Jail! You start out in Jail and need to use resources and items that have been bestowed upon you. Here is where you need to get used too the select button being your friend. The select button pretty much is everything in this game. From talking to NPC's to picking up items and searching locations. You will become very close with your select button!

The locations in Beyond Shadowgate are very well done. The artwork is amazing as it looks as though you are walking through a painting. Dungeons, woods, towns, castles, and frozen mountains just to name a few. Unbelievable Scenery in this game from start to finish! I Just think the backgrounds are gorgeous and look as though they were painted on a canvas and thrown up in this package. Characters are very well drawn and just hilarious when you talk to them. All characters that you can talk to have been done with voice-overs and were extremely well done.

Music and sound effects are just awesome. Now for my only complaint in the game. The music tracks load every time you enter a new area. This kinda gets a little annoying as your not on each screen very long, so music tracks shuffle constantly. The score has many tunes though and change to set the mood in each room, so I can see why the developers did what they did in regards to the music. Seems as though setting the mood is why we have music reloading. All in all great soundtrack!

Now there is a comical side to this game. You just know the programmers had a good time doing this. There are a ton of different ways to die in a comical manner. With that said, Save often and save again at every turn. Nothing worse then getting halfway through this game and dying in a comical manner just to discover you haven't saved since the second screen and you have start back there! I am WARNING you to Save Often! I have even gone through the game looking for the different death scenes. Pretty funny!

This is a game that every Turbo owner should have the pleasure of going through. It's relaxing yet has it's moments of stress! The game is so enjoyable and just a work of art. Whether you get an original copy or you get yourself a non legit copy, you will be so glad you did! Another game that has similar gameplay is Loom, also for the Tg16 CD. You can pick up Loom cheap on Ebay or from a few online shops. I will review Loom at a later date for you guys as I feel it has not received any love! Hope you enjoyed my review of Beyond Shadowgate. Until next time, "Spread the joy of PC Engine".


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_joshuaTurbo said...

Excellent game!! I would rank Beyond Shadowgate in my top 3 favorite Turbo games of all time!! Thank you for this quick write up of a classic game!! This is one of the rarer games I still have to add to my current collection.