Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Macross "Eternal Love song" Tutorial By Windy

I have beatin this game a few times over the Years and thought it might be about time write up a little Tutorial for those who maynot understand the menus system. Button 1 brings up your movement and attack menu with 4 choices...

1st choice-Move Unit
2nd Choice- Attack.
3rd Choice- Change your mecha (battleloid, guardian, airplane).
4rth Choice- End a units Turn.
(click the above pic)

Button 2 will back you out of a bad decision on menus. Run Button will bring up a menu with 6 choices...
1st Choice-End Round all units 2nd Choice-Save point battle 3rd Choice-Memory Load 4rth Choice-Mission Objectives 5th Choice-ON/OFF Battle animations 6th Choice-Unit Stats
(click the above pic)

I have thoroughly enjoyed this game over the
years. It has excellent graphics! Awesome music. Once you get the menus down the game is a breeze. There are 29 Missions to play. Some of them require you to wipe out everything on the screen, others require you might just take out a mothership or special player character. A very key element as with Military madness is terrain advantages. They are there look for them in the same way as military madness if you are familiar with them. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it will help you. If you have anything to ad or I got something wrong let me know by emailing me and I will get it fixed up. Feel Free to link this Tutorial at your website. No permission required! Everyone should enjoy this Great game! Spread the Joy of PC Engine!


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8BitPat said...

Dude I love this post. Always great to have this around when you feel the need to play this epic game :)