Tuesday, September 13, 2011

AC Adapter Update! Success **fixed**

I thought my TG16 CDROM base was burnt but it was not. I picked up a second base on ebay with a cdrom included. The guy who sold it said the system was broken when in fact it was not broken it worked right out of the box. It was a Happy Day for the old Windy. After I got that new Dock working I decided to slap the old one together and give it one more try since I had bought a 3rd AC Adapter from Radioshack. Well I was shocked when it fired up. The AC Adapter I picked up is Part #273-358. New at Radio Shack this adapter is 29.99. So Now I have 2 working TG16 Cdroms and it feels great to now have a backup unit. Click here to buy this adapter online

Radioshack also sells the Tip you will need for the TG16 CDROM and the part Number is
273-345 it is called Adaptaplug "N". The Cost of the Tip is 6.99 You can purchase this online By Clicking here

So with that we have a fix for a blown TG16 CDROM AC Adapter. I would like to thank Nat from PCEnginefx.com for Steering me in the right direction. I was close to giving up on the whole thing and had nightmares about having to buy another Unit for my long beloved TurboGrafx.

Be sure and get the polarity right before attempting to turn on your unit. Make sure that Tip is setup for the correct Polarity which is + o -

SPREAD THE JOY! Keep on Obeying!

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