Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Anearth For the Ages!

Well Im starting my Anearth Diaries for the Ages. I am now 5 hours and 20 minutes into the game and met up with this boss who wasn't terribly hard to defeat but I gotta say WOW! Everytime I enter a new place with new music and local I am blown away by the quality of this game. There was really some effort and care taken when making Anearth Fantasy Stories for the PCEngine Cdrom. So Far I have not used the Faq I've been playing the old Fashion way..... Talk to everyone you meet....Then search every nook and Cranny lol. So far it has not failed me as tonight I made it to the Pirate Hide out then saved there to end my night. Do you own a PCE Cdrom? Do yourself a big favor save up about 35 bucks and go get this game. It's safe to say you wont be dissapointed. From here on out.....The days I play Anearth I will do a sort of Diary of what I did that day how much farther I got. I will also make a few comments about the music and graphics of the area i'm in and my thoughts on the gameplay and battles. It's obvious I love the game. So Pop back over here and Read Windys Anearth Diary which will get into full swing this week.

Spread the Joy and let Obey!


nectarsis said...

I REALLY need to get on this game. It's been WAY to long....need to get it setup for the psp emu Anearth on the go ;)

Windancer said...

This is a must own bro let me tell ya. Great stuff here and very playable without the walkthrough until I hit the big city of Rostarl

_joshuaTurbo said...

this game does look amazing!! I would love to add it to my OBEY library!! I have so much to get through already...LMAO!!

CF2, Ys Book I&II (Annual playthrough), Eternal Dragon......


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