Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hello from the City of Rostarl

Well I had to dig into the Walkthrough for the city of Rostarl last night. After an hour of walking around town and getting nowhere. I found out from the walkthrough how to access a magic door unlock and unseal magically locked doors to move forward in the game. Still had a bunch of fun trying and I did manage to get my fourth party member added to the group without the walkthrough. That member happened to be the one to unlock the door.

next thing I knew I was upside down in this weird maze. Tons of puzzles to solve with switches and backtracking but I managed to get through it. Great stuff! look forward to playing more tonight.

Wish you could be here!

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nectarsis said...

Looking good bud. How far in are you? Which walkthru are you using?

Windancer said...

im using m1savages walkthrough and im 7 and half hours into the game. I went about 7 hours before I had to use the walkthrough